Marriage and children

As parents our children won’t be with us forever our goal is for our children to leave home as adults prepared to start their own families !
prioritizing marriage is just one way we send our children out of the home as adults rather than on a journey to become one.
Our marriage must be a priority in the home what does that look like ?
setting those good examples showing unity connection affection love discipline .
our children have front row seats to what marriage is !
it is our job as parents preparing them for their homes
like arrows in the hands of warriors Psalms 127 faithfulness in marriage is one of the best ways to build the moral authority necessary for successful parenting
By teaching our children that the world don’t revolve around them prepares them teaches them instills godly morals to be selfless to love unconditionally .
as parents one of the greatest gifts we can give our children as moms and dads
is to enjoy life together and In hope of a great marriage of their own someday.
By seeing teaching leading and disciplining by example with our spouses how conflict is handled Conversations quality time love and al that marriage brings , it all starts with a godly foundation when marriage is prioritized everyone wins our children our spouses and their spouses and their children and so on and so on

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