godly women + impact

Highlighting women through may who have impacted my life over the years . Who has impacted your life ? What mighty women of God are you blessed to know

Lisa bevere and havilah cunnington
another couple more wondrous women
Mentors teachers and godmothers in my life mover the past 5 years as I gleaned from their words of wisdom through books and teachings they have thought and having met Lisa at a womens conference she’s just a power house mama wow!
They have thought me so much along my journey and continue to
Truly inspiring and have impacted my life
doing after godmothers with Lisa I feel like everyday I sat with her having coffee and conservations that I’ll cherish forever
And haviliah I do boundaries study wow
Was like a friend mentor having coffee dates examining my heart and life to get back on track
I’m forever thankful for these mighty women of god ❤️⚔️ they are always sharpening me

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