She prays•
When we pray we’re unlocking the power of God into our lives and those In our prayers .
It’s knowing Jesus more , having conversations that build a solid relationship everyday , even minute by minute .
As she prays our faith is activated we believe a little more and what we’re asking Jesus to do that only Jesus can do , and believing He will ! He is always faithful
Matthew 7:7 invites us to ask seek and Knock and the door Will be open
So today imagine your standing at a door and Jesus on the other side waiting for you to knock so He can invite you in , wow…… what a image
As He opens the door who do you see ? What are you gunna ask shim today ?
Ask seek and find ✨
Jesus is waiting for you today , to invite you in
Prayer accesses Jesus our faith releases His power
Keep seeking asking Jesus and you will find Him ❤️

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