Lifestyle online Vs offline

Our actions everyday prove who we are and how we are living
It’s not on zoom
Or Bible studies , and church
Heard this today and it’s so true
Eveyone has a online relationship with Jesus
Not a real lifestyle relationship …
Heart check time for us all!
How are you living offline ?
Treating people and friends ?
Doing things in the world offline while online acting different?
The real raw deep topics and conversations need to be had , it’s time we all get out of the shallow and go into the deep
That’s where the change truth and character is found .
The community the friendship
The road to where and who God is calling us

The way some of the younger generations treat friends and family is just heart breaking . Friendship needs to be valued and nourished together it’s not a one sided relationship , sadly those kinds are the not loyal friends . Having Peace with Jesus makes the loyal Cheering you on friends shine . Do settle , take a look around and see who is God bringing into your life shinning and who is starting to dim ! Some hard truths but needed for us all heart check time . It’s where we grow ? Where we are cultivated , our hearts become more like Jesus , we love more like Him , speak more like Him, we’re kind more like Him

We shine a bit brighter for Jesus when our lifestyle is the same online and offline .

It’s real it’s hard it’s deep and it’s worth it ! Keep living for Jesus online and offline

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