Made of clay • sneak peek•

Hey There !!

I’m so excited to share the beauty of God what He turned from suffering into His beauty

All collections are hand made piece by piece

Praying it blesses you all and y’all can relate and mediate on Gods word and His truths.

And embrace His beauty die our suffering seasons.

God bless you all

$30 each
$27 each
$25 each
$22 each
$27 each

More to come here is just a few collections !!

My Instagram Shantel.Lazrovich follow for more insight on the collections , custom pieces are also welcome! Throw your designs my way !!

Anyone interested in ordering any , y’all can Venmo me

Venmo include collection name + address to ship

Message me on Instagram or email for orders more details regarding all pieces

Every pair sold will help feeing the hungry , every purchase will go toward buying a meal giftcard and will be passed out to those in need .

Meanwhile will be Working on site to order

Thank you all So so much and God bless y’all !!! Xo

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