New year new beginnings

Hi y’all 🙋🏻‍♀️
It’s been awhile
Okay so here’s the real raw 411 on me ,
who I am + what I’m about
I’m a daughter of the king first and Formost I’m a daughter ,a sister , a wifey , a mommy to 3 beautiful kiddos , a auntie and more

What I am not
Having it all together
Confident or qualified to speak and share Jesus

But what I am
All through Jesus !!
He calls me for His glory His plan
His purpose
I’m a servant saying yes and amen Lord
here i am ,
Am I nervous and anxious when sharing Jesus through writing and speaking posts and having conservations always
But I say yes and He leads the way He prepares me

Does this mean I’m perfect and won’t mess up ? Nope everyday I fail
But it’s getting back up and fighting the good fight even when some don’t get it or I’m laughed at and all the things even called the H word hypocrite , hey I’m not perfect remember
I’m not Jesus I’m simply a servant at Jesus co. a
Co- partner with Him
Co- creator
Co- speaker
Co- writer
So with this being said friends I invite y’all along the journey with me
Sharing Jesus His message
However that looks
I’m a vessel for Him
I’m the clay in the potters hands
When He calls i answer
Even in my mundane messy middle of my life
Jesus tells me
be bold and courageous
I pray to live out what I share, speak , write
In my home , in my marriage in friendships
In motherhood all the things
to rise up to the call of who I am created to be
Being the wife and mom God has created me to be starts with my yes to Jesus , it’s only in Him I can become her. Amen

Disclaimer : okay lol ,
you’ve been spoken to , I don’t claim to be perfect or know more than anyone I will mess up in my words and actions
But Jesus Christ will lead me to learn from my mistakes and the Holy Spirit will teach me to become the best version of me

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