The best version

So tonight got me thinking , as I sat on the couch watching my favorite show
This is us. I’m still playing the words in my mind and thinking about ourselves.
Who gets the best version of us ?
Is it our spouse , our kids , or friends ?
Or was our best version us twenty years ago? Before we became wives
And husbands , or moms and dads .
My brain feels like the last 25 years playing on the big screen
From my 15 year old self to me now 38 me.
Our best versions are when we’re walking and living In our God given
Identities .
So stop a moment , join me think on this , when where and how
Was your best version ? What season past present or future .
When did you truly find Jesus and your true self which only brings
Your best version .?
Did we have it along the journey and lost it somewhere between the big things or the small things we just can’t grasp ,
Because all truth it’s the small things that count most and have the hugest
Affect on us .
Have you looked at your refection recently ?
What do you see?
Is it something you’ve been avoiding or something
Your embracing ? Is your marriage getting the best version of you? Or family , your friends how about Jesus ?
It all starts with Jesus form the inside out , so as the years pass is by
As we are aging with time maturing out physical man , is our spiritual man also maturing ?
Something I’m still baffled about
The best version of us .
The Who’s and the How’s that makes us , well us
If we’re not giving our best versions of ourselves to Jesus , our family’s
Our marriage our kids , then where is our best version?
Who gets it ? Or who has already experienced it .
Our best versions start with Jesus our inner man
The more Jesus we have and desire the more our reflection In the mirror
Matches the reflection of our heart.
And this brings our best version of us to those in our lives .

I’ll leave y’all with this ,
but I’m still trying to wrap my head around
The best version of me ,
was it younger years , older years or all the in between of life .
And to keep it or get it back
Jesus needs to be come the main and only source to share the best of me
And extend that to others.

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