Your tribe ?

Hello there

Sorry for the Mia y’all

Here’s what’s in my heart and mind past couple weeks

First off the photo a thousand words and speaks volumes !!

Follow your tribe

Have you found your tribe ? Your people your community ?

Well let me spill my heart , this has always been my hearts desire to belong be like be valued and have theses kinds of friends in return , tribe pack

Well along came 2020 and I felt like God finilly opened that door to new found friendships , old friendships renewed in Christ on a whole new level and here we are 2022 this year I fell like those relationships has vanished the godly community that was so close woven together , staring in 2021 those stronger together started to drift apart and eveyone just got in with life , fell back to old ways and I feel forgot about 2020 and how awesome it was how God shows up for us all in new ways and prayers .

So what am I getting at? Following your tribe .

It’s sad and so disappointing when you think you found your tribe your sisterhood on Christ friends , then some slowly vanish and some just out of no where drop you

Have y’all been here ? Are you here now ? What’s your season look like with tribes ?

I jeep saying Jesus what’s up ? Why I don’t get it don’t understand ? Am I suppose to be a loner Lord ? I sigh and laugh as well then ask really why is this season tying on this subject ? And dropping friends in the trying hard times battles disagreements and all the drama as women lol, well where is the growth in working through it ? And stronger together really mean? It is pick and choose or maybe childish ways sneaking back in .

Sadly we mess up yes sometimes on purpose and not on purpose .

We’re human but I thought as women in Christ we was all past childish ways and lies

It takes brave courageous moments to ask and go to others when you done wrong or even more so even if you wasn’t aware of anything then you ask the hard questions and we’ll get blowed off

So your tribe value the ones who stick closer than a brother , and to us all in the season of no tribe let’s not give up but press on even though it’s tuff and lonely I’m sure Jesus has the plan for us , maybe we’re the ones who don’t get that? Maybe Jesus is all the tribe we need whoever it is I pray for mended hearts and souls for us all for strength bravery and peace for us to hang in to Jesus not worry but trust

In Jesus name amen!

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