What’s your filter ?

Hey friends !

How’s everyone doing ? So last couple weeks been so emotional , this season in life has been one forsure .

So over the past couple weeks I’m realizing that , hay I have a choice as we all do everyday to embrace the day the family the things that might be trying in this season not saying it’s easy but the Choice is ours . Is all this junk worth my joy? Is it worth feeling down and out and just drained ?

Nope ! Easier sis than done yes , but got me thinking about filters , what filter are we using each day? Our mornings set the tone for the day , are we choosing the right filter ?

Most times we need a pep talk ourselves to speak truth and life over our days over our seasons and smile more take back our joy choose the joyful filter . We choose how we see the day, people , life seasons and all

Let’s choose the right filter y’all

And that filter is found in Christ ! When we’re inviting Jesus In our days our seasons we see differently ! Before we view the day let’s be on our Jesus filter and choose to be joyful and see things through the lens of Christ ! Amen

Remember it’s a good day !

Check out the podcast talking more about this

Truth+hope | it’s a good day

Podcast available apple podcast and Spotify

God bless y’all

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