Style with me

Let’s chat my recent target decor haul!

It’s that season y’all a season for change and refresh in my heart and in my home

I’ve been needing it’s over due . While heading into target ready and geared up with my Starbucks coffee and big red basket I was hopeful to find the perfect Pieces to jazz up my home and that well friends jazzed up some joy in my heart as well

I’ve came across these beautiful matte gold accent pieces . First end table / desk lamps clear glass shoes the led bulb sleep n think matte gold lamp with charging usb outlet attached ! Double whammy funtionial and pretty!

Priced 49.00$ online and in store still available

Bottom shelf 3rd from left to right .

Such the perfect completeness it added to my family room !

To see it styled and in action head to my iG account shanlblog for all the fun!

2 thoughts on “Style with me

  1. What it have to do with the Word of God? expect to read all the Word of God the bible 🤗💗 I know its for fun but need to read and hear His Word daily in my email.


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