Our logo is complete ✨ couldn’t be happier ! The F L O W E R pod
Hey there
A little behind scenes ,
welcome ,
Flower pod is a local small business in Perris California , since
Having a passion with flowers there beauty captivates me in my tracks my whole life pretty much , as I got older the more I came to appreciate their rare beauty & the happy joyful feelings that came along , the total package to brighten everyones day.
Theirs beauty in the blooms the unique colors shapes and scents flowers have , how they bloom in the soil the dirt the dark , just like Jesus created us and how we bloom as well
Psalm51:10 ❤️ everyday Jesus makes us new a pod for His beauty to shine through . Just like flowers we all have a purpose ✨

Something been on my heart so I’m taking action I hope y’all will share the news ans support the flower pod! Lots things happening , praying for farmer markets , flower bar events as well as flower subscriptions

Website still being made we have a ig come follow support and share !

Instagram @ _theflowerpod

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