Holy Living? Is Jesus proud of our living habits 

Okay guys today was like whoa this passage in the message version  

Titus 2:11-14 

But verse 14 was slaying me ! 

He offered himself as a sacrifice to free us from a dark rebellious life into this good , pure life , making us a people he can be proud of , energetic in goodness . 

was like fresh water to my soul this morning , Pure Love , others before himself , redeemed , offering his goodness as believes the good the purelife!! 

So it got me asking myself ” AM I MAKING HIM PROUD?” Am I living a holi Life? Am I sold out? 

and I’ll ask you all the same 

Are living holie ? Are you makeing Jesus proud they you you live in actions ? Are you completely sold or 

As the word says we can’t be lukewarm 

Either be hot or cold or he’ll spit us out

We can’t live one foot in the world and the other in God 

We must choose we must completely surrender to one or the other 

We can’t be sold out for Jesus and still pleasing our flesh , yeah we sin we mess up God is always their to redeem us forgive us set up apart over n over 

But going back to the same thing over n over that’s when the obedience needs to comes and the overcoming temptation and truly being sold out for Jesus , the holi loving is in our actions not just in our words 

Jesus love us all our messes he makes beautiful 

We have to let go of the ungodly living and let God lead us in holi living 

And embrace his loving arms his grace upon grace , We are his good people .

The In-between 

I have to admit as a wife, a stay at home mom , much of my Life has felt like I’ve lived in the between . I find my self saying just wait . Wait till the kids are grown , then I can have my own life , career maybe ,  . At times in the messy overwhelming moments of the day I find myself becoming resentful being is this place as the enemy feeds me lies , my personal wilderness . I let myself become dry and partched. In my resentment , I go through the motions of living but forget to actually live, to live right there in that moment.

I forget to stop and find the beauty around me in the everyday . I stop seeking water , i thirst , the Living water that always quenches .      How often have we had our moms, aunts mentors say to us Enjoy these times they go by too fast , you’ll wake up one day and wonder where the time went ? And we say I know but, inside saying oh hurry up and thinking they must have forgotten how hard this season is and what it’s like to feel stuck ,tired , just so stagnet . Yet we know they are right . The saying the days are long but the years are short  is so true. Even in their sinfulness and disobedience, even when they were wandering in the wilderness , God did not abandon the Israelites . He provided for their needs. And it’s the same for me and you . Take time to drink from the refreshing Living waters that are provided to us daily . Get into the manna of His word ! God is with you and cares about each moment of your life . Even the ones paying bills , spent doing laundry , wiping bottoms and noses . Embrace this the In-between season . Take hold of His promise to see you through every season of your life . The desert seasons of life will come and go , but the moments found in them and created in them will be your legacy …. Your promised land!.

Emotional Healing

Emotions are God-given spontaneous responses to events a person perceives an event in a particular way and emotion is aroused it leads to one of the least three responses the emotion is allowed to escalate so that it becomes distractive to yourself or others it’s validity is denied or it is directed in a manner appropriate and healthy for the situation emotions themselves are neither good nor bad the problem lies in th The thoughts that produce emotions and in behaviors resulting from emotions. Because they are spontaneous emotions do not last for an extended period and less they are nurtured by the mind and will emotions are a caution light reminding us to re-examine what we are thinking the book of Ephesians deals quickly with anger when wedded with hurt and shame can develop into bitterness and provide fertile ground for further Temptation Ephesians 426, 27, 31 77:1-6When a person is shamed for having an emotional response such as fear or anger her tendency is to protect herself by blocking these emotions from conscious awareness she being bound by shame is unable to express the emotion in appropriate healthy ways since emotions are interconnected denying painful emotions also necessitates burying pleasant ones and the result is often emotional numbness in the Bible scripture challenges you and me to identify our emotions Psalms 13:1-3 771-6 and to learn how to channel them into positive behaviors as painful memories surface you can bring them to God for healing and restoration allowing him to remove the shame that has been linked to those memories .

Our sanctuary ,Our safe place

Psalms 9:9-10 message God’s a safe-house for the battered , a sanctuary during bad times .The moment you arrive , you relax ; you’re never sorry you knocked . Gods arms are always open inviting us in no matter where we’ve been , His grace covers our shame we have nothing to hide when it comes to Jesus , He gives us beauty for our ashes he’s always their a safe place to be real and find rest . Like a child laying on a mother or fathers lap their they find safty, love comfort during a hard time and in exchange they receive the beauty the love the power to go on and be redeemed through a parents love. That’s Jesus our Heavenly Father he wipes away our every tears and leads us through the dark times He is our light that leads to our safe place He leads us inviting us to Him . #sheslaughing #womenempowerment #womenlivngwell #projectlife #christianblogger #simplyshantel #jesus #safehouse #psalms #lampandlight #cultivatemommy #thankyoujesus #jesuscoffeeandgrace #worship #greatfulheart #invitinglight #shereadstruth #jesuscalling #grace #mercy #Podbean #soldoutforjesus 

The lament surfacing 

And this was not fake faith, this was deep , authentic , worthy-everything faith that comes at a cost . Even more though I didn’t know what to call it at the time , a lament was given me a language for relating to God my Creator , this lament was saving my Faith , because a. Lament was the only thing that enabled me to keep the line open to God in my moment of greatest  need 

Most night I slept on my bible , literally and sounds of worship music comming from my phone ,desperate to hear from God  trying to absorb his word , to be comforted  , as I wondered what was happening? Was I doing this was God doing this to me? Caused from circumstances?! Either way I knew it had to rise up and out to face it head on . The pain the hurt the whys, the faking fine.

Somehow in the dark nights of restling with myself , I prayed God why is this happening why do I feel like this why ? Wher are you I can’t hear you , are you their did I forget me?  

Prayers I never thought I should be saying left my thoughts , at the time felt like dangerous  prayers  but I felt like my fair was failing my thoughts was my heart was hurting my will to continue was failing ,  and yet in the mist of this ugliness and heartache a lament was surfacing .

Wat we must remember our healing isn’t just for us , but for the one who made us , God glories in our wholeness , for both you and me this is the true reason we exist , to bring glory to he one who made us ,

Friends even in the hard raw seasons lets. It miss our opportunity , Let the lament in and live  It’s in the mud in the raw our true self arises and only then can we be made whole and used to fullly glorify Him our God. 

Lament is the language is given to us by God to meet him in weeping , and God is their every time to hear our lament prayers .

God wants our sad , our pains

  “but I have prayed for you Simon , that your faith may not fail”.   Luke 22:23
 just as well as the joys and gratefulness , the lament times of prayers and words that escape our mouth and our thoughts connects us to God and invites him into our brokenness , then he takes that lament prayers our crys and feels our pains with love and strength and refreshes our souls. Gods grace meets us where we are , not where we pretend to be.

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Testing , the strengthening of our faith 

Good morning Friends  so I’ve came across this beautiful image and it got me thinking about testing and strengthening our faith as I read a little insert this morning in my Bible, 

so this photo the  focus on the lamp and a little flame ,

Through testing’s trials storms  that’s how I picture our faith  like the kindles flame , the bigger it grows with  more testing then comes the strengthening of our faith and it’s blazes bigger and brighter 

In a sense every day of life is a test of our relationship with God but to each person come seasons of special joy or adversity both good times and bad times present opportunities for testing our trust in the Lord.

For the Christian this is not like a classroom exam God is not watching I was with the grade book in hand waiting to pass or fail as based on our performance since we all have sinned no human being on earth could pass such a test Romans 6:23 testing comes through the circumstances of our lives so that we can know our own hearts more in significantly and appreciate God’s grace more deeply in such times of testing we become aware of our thoughts and attitudes and emotions though this self awareness God shows us where we must yield to him interesting obedience

When God exposes our hearts through testing he is leading us away from the very ways of the world and into the way that is everlasting Psalms one 39:23,24 

The same kinds of joy and adversity come to believers as to unbelievers, the unbelievers can make a little sense of life and her response to it 

The Christian can walk through the testing of life’s joys and sorrows with full Sherance that in Jesus Christ she is becoming the woman God created her to be. 

I hope y’all are encouraged and inspired today to embrace the hard things , from them our faith grows and is strengthend through Jesus , in the storms is where our flame shines the brightest when we choose to trust and follow Gods word through it all. 

Be the light in the darkness 

Good morning , John 1:9 the true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world ..Today I believe this is what Jesus was speaking to me as I was suppose to be in 1john 1:9 I was in John 1:9 and soaped – it got me thinking as believers of Jesus his followers we are to be the light to the world bringing Jesus through your actions and our words , sharing the gospel to the world show his kindness love his mercy his bring the Light to the darkness . Are we being the light? Are your lighting the darkness or keeping the light off? As John prepared the way for Christ we are also to prepare the way for the king of the world Jesus Christ he is coming back let’s keep our lights shining bright and buring for Jesus . #letyourlightsoshine #jesus #proverbs31 #shereadstruth #sheslaughing #sheslaughs #projectlife #thegoodnews #nikonphotography #throughtmylens #bethesalt #john1:9 #prepairtheway #christianblogger 

Pod cast • doing life together 

Hi their! So I’ve did my first podcast !! And let me tell you all this is forsure a step out in faith as it’s totally out of my comfort zone , I’m praying for the Lord to have his way as I share with you all , I will say I’m very excited and yes nervous to for upcoming chats and thoughts .

I hope y’all will tune in and any if y’all have any topic requests or questions you would like to chat about or listen about please  drop them below or email 

God bless 

I published my new episode doing life together, please check it out. http://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-w7pdv-71c244

Mud ,planted , growth 

As women we need to emabrace our beauty our uniqueness How God created us And grow together lift up encourage one another nor tear down , we were made to be team players not be alone.

Chose your friendships with wisdom ,embrace the women God pas planted with you deep in the mud along your journey together , in the togetherness we grow not alone , in the depths of our souls through the hard ugly messy  mud is where it starts. Just like a plant needs loving tender care so do our souls , we need fed the right food to produce growth and also be strengthen , then we are able to strengthen uplift our friends and be watered by Jesus his living water that waters our souls our soil growing learning together through the muds of life’s ups and downs , together we are stronger and won’t fall because the other will catch us .

We will rise together , we will fall together But here’s the rad part  , we’re not alone we have one another along our journey

Dig deep , Stay in the mud , because that’s where the growth starts . Do hard things it brings character and growth

Ecc 4:9-12 Two are better than one

We are a 3 cord strand as sisters women of God , God being in the center of our friendships

Provision , obedience , overcome

Jesus” defense consisted of two things •scripture •immediate obedience These same weapons are available today to us as believers .satan did not attempt to argue with scripture . Jesus eventually received from the father all that Satan had offered him , tempting him : the provision of bread Matthew 14:13-21 , angels to minister to him Matthew 4:11 , to rule over both heaven and earth Matthew 28:18 #womenlivingwell #shereadstruth #shelaughs #sheslaughing #matthew#proverbs31 #biblejournaling #projectlife #thankyoujesus #throughmylens #temptation #jesusovercame #breadalone #mystory #christianblogger