Friends , seasons , your tribe

Okay so lately more than ever I’ve. Been thinking , friendships . Well all have those ones we grown up with , came and gone through the years , and the new ones that arrive in new seasons maybe will stay or just pass through .

I’m sure we’ve all seen that saying

Find your tribe and love them hard.

Well as a girl then adult then a woman of 34 I️ ind myself still looking for This saying in real life . I’ve had many friendship through out the years and yes some are still around but have dimmed out, cause to certain circumstances that happend. So I’m left thinking were they ready T R U E friends in the first place ? Or well on my end more to me than they were to them .

This is something I️ obsess over for years , I️ just can’t seem to figure it out . Maybe it’s me or just maybe I️ give 110% before they even figure it out if they wanna be in tribes ?!

You know time isn’t promised , tomorrow isn’t promised and all the more makes me think who’s important in life , who would I️ go to for for safe place that friend that one friend I️ can always count on no matter what through thick n thin and you know what … their isn’t one .

That’s where I️ always go back to why? I️ pray daily for lasting friendships not just the passing seasons friendships but true meaning loving supporting friendships My tribe .

People change yes , seasons Change yes I’m sure I️ have changed as well but one thing I’m Always their when needed , and I’ll go over and beyond for someone always ready to share life together , so my question is why isn’t their that someone in my life that would do the same ?.

It makes me think Jesus ! Yes Jesus , this is how he feels when we don’t give him everything we got , when we run to him in seasons then stay away till circumstance lead us back to him he is always Their our safe place 24/7 our tribe for life yet we come and go as we please . I️ know the pain and sadness I️ feel when This subject comes up , much less Jesus He died for as all

he craves relationship with us all , just as I️ do for friendships that last that has meaning that couldn’t do life without you .

We all need to look to Jesus hold on to him tightly don’t walk away form him show him loyalty as he shows us and how we want others to show is and be to us , loyalty and Loving and to stay and do like together not come n go or pass through but Love him hard n matter what thick n thin till the end .

Fight the enemy in your house

You might be similar to Jael today—

Judges 4 you’ll find her story

a mom who dwells in her tent and is faithful in her own territory, seemingly unarmed and far from dangerous to your adversary. You may be looking at other women who seem to embody what society deems success, and you may feel “less than” or even wrestle feelings of failure.

You may choose to believe that the battle is someone else’s responsibility because you are up to your eyes in laundry. You may even be content leaving it to the men or even other moms. But you, woman of God, are the secret weapon that God desires to use on the front line.

Jael fought the one battle that would win the war all by herself in her living room!

There is a battlefield shift taking place, and the war zone is the home. It’s in the airways of your home, on your television and your computers, on your children’s electronic devices, and in the relationships your children form.

The enemy has had access to your dwelling place long enough, and the Holy Spirit desires to evict him once and for all. It’s time for our homes to be inhabited by the glory of God and His Spirit with no room for the enemy or his schemes

Glimpse of grace | plan

Today’s Forecast is Mundane, with a 100% Chance of Miraculous

Dramatic, life-changing moments are few and far between. The rest of our lives we live in the common, ordinary mundane. So why is it that we hold onto the hope that “this, too, shall pass” when it comes to the humdrum of every day life? I think it’s because we forget the significance of today in the scope of eternity.

The opportunity for growth in holiness lies in the mundane. Right in front of your face—sitting in the tepid dishwasher, festering in the laundry basket, at your crowded dinner table, and under the carseat where your toddler , Child , kid stashed their leftover granola bar for later. Sure, fuzzy mold might be growing there, but in these moments is also where growth in holiness happens.

Titus 2 :1-14

If we’re reading passages like Titus 2 as a mere To-Do list then we’re missing the point. Those godly character traits and behavior are the fruits that grow out of the soil of “sound doctrine” (verse 1). We are also given the gospel our motivation for these things (vv. 5, 10). And motivation can’t be written on an index card—it must be written on your heart. Our hearts are transformed and anchored by grace (vv. 11-14).

How will living in the reality of this gospel and God’s promise of future grace change the way you see today? How is God using mundane things to provide you with opportunities for growth in holiness? Dirty dishes in the sink or laundry baskets overflowing well they are not just worrisome ordeals in your otherwise uneventful day. They’re opportunities to see miracles happen.

Your Home matters | plan 

Your Home Matters Because Creativity Matters
And He has filled them with skill to do every sort of work done…by any sort of workman or skilled designer. – Exodus 35:35

It’s great fun to cooperate with God in creating.
George Washington Carver invented many things from the peanut. He talked to God constantly in his laboratory. “Lord God, you made the peanut. You know every molecule. You know all that can be done with this little nut. Give me your ideas and help me make many uses from it.”
Imagination is the well-spring of creativity. It is a gift given to every person as part of our “made in God’s image” genetics. But we need to foster this trait in our families.

Here are 5 ways to nurture creativity in your home:

Model creativity. It’s not just for your kids, so experiment with new foods, take a pottery class, plant a garden. It will be easier for you to encourage your kids if you are experiencing the joy of creativity. Ask God to give you new ideas because every thought comes from Him!

Be okay with the mess that creativity makes. The constant disaster in my house was worth it. My kids wrote books, made gifts, cooked, baked, built forts, acted as ballerinas, thespians, and superheroes charging a quarter for admission to pretend performances. I had to coach myself that there was something more important than tidy. There are decades ahead for you to live without sticky or play-doh encrusted floors. Give thanks for this season of your life.

Remember that imagination is a God-given gift. Your encouragement is crucial for creativity to grow in your children, rather than become dulled. Give thanks for their gift to keep perspective.

Make your home inspiring. Hang posters of God’s creation, play music, and have supplies on hand for experiments. God put His first children in an inspiring, wonder-filled environment, so we can follow His model. The more you can expose your children to lofty sights and sounds, the more their creativity will flourish.

Limit media. It is a creativity killer. Kids need to experience God is His world—climb trees, make forts, dig in the mud, and collect bugs and flowers in jars.

May you have an imaginative, creative family so that our artistic Creator is put on display in your home.

Glimpse of Grace in our mornings 

Good morning  friends , what does your mornings look like? Is their time spent with Jesus ? Do we rush off like crazy ladies ? Are we waiting for the perfect atmosphere to spend time with Jesus? … what’s your morning story most days?! 

We need a wake-up call to see how abiding in Jesus cannot be restricted to an easy chair with a cup of hot coffee in a quiet house without any noise or clutter or life.  

The perfect setting , we keep waiting for will surly never appear .

We need to have our mind renewed according to the gospel. We often feel overwhelmed with the busy-ness of what is happening within the four walls of our home. But come circus or solitude, it makes no difference in the sufficiency of Christ to abide in you. Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly today, and ask the Lord to keep your eyes of your heart open.

Remember to give ourselves grace when the mornings get crazy , but not to wait for the perfect time to spend with Jesus , we must dive right in and find Him , He grace , His love ,His mercy He gives to us every day every minute of our lives  


Unshakable Mom |plan 

“Sure Foundation” 
Insecurity is probably the worst feeling in the world. It robs you of confidence, rest, and freedom. Just talking about the word floods my mind with so many memories. Being a little girl, afraid of the dark, peeking my eyes just above the covers to see if there really was a monster in my room. As a new kid at school, not knowing a soul, wondering if I would ever find a friend. Auditioning for a musical, nervous and afraid I would forget song lyrics. Picking an outfit for a date, hoping to impress and hold his interest. The day we purchased our first home, wondering if we were grownup enough to handle the responsibility. The way I felt the day we brought home our first baby, and the overwhelming reality that we were responsible for his very life. Each of those moments all caused me to feel unsure, and creating a deep desire for something solid to stand on and keep me steady no matter what. 
So often, I set my feet upon my circumstances. It’s easy to do, because we naturally make agreements with what we can touch and see. For example: If our child has behavior problems in school, it would be easy to then label him a problem child or yourself a bad mom. If a dream falls apart, it would be natural to feel lost and lose sight of your identity. But we’re not called to live by human nature. We are called to walk by the Spirit, and in order to do that we have to stand on a sure foundation. One that’s been tested and approved. One we know won’t ever be shaken by the quaking and shifting of life. If we stand on what we can see with human eyes, we will constantly shift with an ever changing world. That’s not a life anchored in Jesus. In fact, the bible calls that childish. We are called to grow up into Christ in all things. He is the security we are called to build our lives upon. 
What are you standing on today? What are you building your life upon? When the world is afraid of the dark, hiding under the covers, you can be unshakable; shining like a beacon in the night. You can walk through uncertain days because He is your sure foundation. 

What’s next , why and where ?

So I’ve found Myself lately In a season , we’ll stuck in this season a long hot minute , what’s next Lord?, what does my family need . Over the course of this life’s ups and downs over the past year , in the Storms of life , I find myself repeatedly asking why? , and yes what’s next.

So for some of you who don’t know I’m a wife of almost 13 years to Jeff , a mommy to 3 , Availee bailee and Jon-mikel 11 9 and 6 . And for the past almost 13 years I’ve wanted to live upnorth in Vacaville ca , honestly I don’t know why it’s been a dream so long , and a dream That haven’t changed .  I’ve voiced my option on the matter several times  

seriously if I’ve had a dime for everytime , I’d be well to do hahah! 

 Anyways things in life , our life has drastically changed over the course of 4 years , but mainly since last year , all I can say is the enemy had a field day with the dirt devil Stroms that whirl up in our life on a day to day bases .  That story will come in a later post . For now just a bit on the journey of now and why and the what’s next 

Well have you ever found yourself so passionate about certain things and you have no clue why?!. Well I’m right their with ya . In a recent circumstance me and my husband found ourselves broken , why? What’s the point , praying for guidance , in the melt down kind of way . Just can’t believe what’s happening , like spinning and spinning and when you stop you wabble down and can’t find contentment , can’t find how to stand , well this is our season .

My prayers have been. What Lord why Lord I can hear you , what and where are you calling us what does my family need in this season ?! Is it where we’re at , or are you calling us somewhere new? We both feel  were not suppose to be here , but we don’t know where we’re suppose to be and how to get their . Besides praying i feel like , you know that saying step out in faith , Gods calling but we’re not taking that step as of yet . 

A saying I’ve recently heard , and actually am loving 

It’s the contentment on the way to the Farm , not the getting to the Farm first . Joanna gains .

I must admit that’s me always looking toward the goal the finish line and not being content along the way . And I need to embrace this season of my Kids , enjoy and not always be overwhelmed in life’s moments but join the joys and not get angry , yell when things don’t go right or from the messes that come along with 3 Kids , things won’t or will never be perfect but ones things forsure theses moments are not replaceable . 

So as passions build more and more old ones and some new pointed out to me along the Way as results of , 

Flowers, plants , cupcakes and finding that one piece , the home decor piece that’s speaks to me and the exciting and enjoying feeling of adding it to my home ,changing it up  the warm inviting feeling it brings , brings contentment of some sort I know and trust Jesus that he has a plan me me Jeff and my kiddos . What that looks like in the comming months and years I’m not sure of course I have a picture in my mind of how I’d dream it to be , but  a big But, it’s not what want i want it’s whats GOD wants 

What I dream of God has bigger and better dreams than I can ever imagin .

Jeremiah 29:11 for I know the plans I have for you…

Processing through the journey 

So as I reminded today through amazing women and this simply but impacting piece of jewelry , Find joy through my journey . I’m sure that looks different for us all but I’m reminded , don’t loose sight of myself Examine my feelings , they why , they how and the how to act through it . Express then don’t suppress them down and hide were NOT made to do it alone , God intended us for togetherness , battling alone we suppress the in felt with feelings of emotions and we never know where they will just burst out . All that we kept pushing down our on the shelf , we need to value our feeling as well as the feeling of others , its okay to be sad and angry , but what makes this a healthy learning growing experience Is the processing the feelings and the HOW we act through them . 

Doug out moments 

So tonight was my sons Tball game and as team mom the doug out can be crazy at times with 12 kiddos .I do have friends helping out which I appreciate Highly even though it’s gets total chaos. Which brings me to thoughts on my heart about joyfullness and patience!! 

patience helping the team get geared up get ready,have order , it has its moments but sure is a joy watching the game and the team play it brings joy and smiles it makes life’s worries slip away and in those moments it’s a lesson , a lesson which I’m still learning . How heart comes in , how obedience comes into play, even in the striking out moments , they still get back up at the plate with smiles ready again .

Remember its the little things that bring the joy, the little moments we sometimes miss because of life and the madness 

And in the crazyness at times we don’t see it but it is teaching us patience , building character , shaping our identity 

Count it all Joy , these are the crucial moments that bring beauty.

Life is always teaching us in circumstances , in seasons , but sometimes we close our eyes and don’t embrace it and become stuck , stuck in the mess . Without the crazy , the overwhelming , the hard times we cannot grow , we cannot get unstuck , we can’t find the sunshine after the rain . 

The standings 

Fall represents so many things it’s signals the trees to shed their leaves and people to dig out sweaters tucked into the back of the closet it means backpacks and school buses it’s the season of pumpkin everything from lattes to candles and of course pie in our family it is the beginning of something else as well football season. Everything is at stake for the teams based on their standings determined by a board who soul purpose is to decide who is the best. A team that was number one for months might find itself at number 25 after just one loss. Do you ever feel like that in your Christian walk you have those seasons when you feel on top of your faith game you’re attending church every time the doors are open you are reading the Bible daily and involved in three different life groups you witness to your neighbors coworkers even the cashier at your grocery store all in one week you’re feeling number one in the Christian rankings then there are those seasons when your fate doesn’t even feel the size of a mustard seed maybe you had your feelings hurt by someone at church you find yourself making excuses not to attend in an effort to avoid facing the pain of confronting them maybe you had your feelings hurt by a friend or family member life becomes overwhelming and your schedule is full. Bible study attendance drops off fear of rejection keep your mouth close when you are presented with opportunities to share the love of Jesus and shame creeps and as a result you feel the grip on your number one standing slip as you mentally move yourself further and further down the rankings. The Psalmist David felt the crippling effect of defeat and cried out to God “I am bowed down and brought very low all day long I go about morning I am feeble and utterly crushed I grown and anguish of heart my heart pounds my strength fails me even the light has gone from my eyes” psalms 38:6,8,10
King David should have been feeling like he was ranked number one in God’s eyes he was the king of Israel and got had even called David a man after his own heart yet these words in Psalms show that David wasn’t feeling like number one in fact David wonder if God even saw him anymore 
“ My God , why have you forsaken me ? Why are you so far from saving me , so far from my cries in anguish”psalms 22:1 
are you feeling like David ? crying out to God feeling for sake in alone struggling to find your place your footing you’re standing in the world and world that judges you on your performance instead , of your intentions do you feel like to talk to your game one week carrying the ball to the end zone and then the next week tackled by life ? lying under the crushing pile of worried and out maybe you had the wind knocked out of you one time too many and you decide it’s not worth it to even play the game anymore. Let me share something with you , my friend Our standing .. our value … our worth has already been decided . It was decided many , many years ago . It was decided on a tree on a hill , the Cross , by a man who was God . He took on our enemy , in the greatest arena that had ever existed… and He won ! 
“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus “ romans 8:1
He did this so your judgment would be covered by his sacrifice he did this so your mistakes and failures would no longer determine you’re standing in the kingdom of God. 
“ [All] are just a fight and made up right in the right standing with God freely and gratuitously by his grace [His unmerited favor and mercy ] through the redemption which is [provided] in Christ Jesus “ Romans 3:24 (Ampc version )
There is just one rank and one rank only that has been given to you my sister in Christ, and it is as the daughter of the one true King . Stand fast in that knowledge and know that this week , and the next and the next after that , your worth has already been established , once and for all .