Influence well

As a wife, you have been uniquely positioned to influence not only your marriage, your family, your home but also the legacies your family members leave behind. It is easy to get distracted from this overarching purpose, especially when the issues of daily life present themselves. After all, life comes packaged with struggles, failures, sins, betrayals, hurts, wounds, disappointments, and crushing defeats. 

Yet your marriage provides the opportunity to discover the grace of endurance but also to model that grace to all of those around you, leading your home into a season of joy.

When you model the grace of overcoming, you demonstrate that hope to all those around you. You leave a lasting imprint on the lives within your circle of impact. As a wife, you are empowered to lift the hearts and minds of all those with whom you come into contact. And the starting point is always prayer.

All of us struggle with our selfish sin-nature that must be brought into submission to the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures, and our spouse.

1 Timothy 6:12

“Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”
‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭6:12‬ ‭

Psalm 3:3

“But You, O LORD, are a shield about me, My glory, and the One who lifts my head.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭

In Jesus we have strength over our struggles in Jesus we can overcome our flesh by the word of GOD . And choosing to submit our sinful nature to the Holy Spirit as He teaches our hearts to surrender.

With Jesus all things are possible

Rescued and made new

Isn’t this amazing? Our God the king of the world the creator of the universe all mighty all

Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior ?
Is Jesus the king of your heart ?
Have you embraced His forgiveness and His love ?
Are you born again?

Ask Jesus into your heart invite the Holy Spirit to live inside you today!

Say this simple yet life changing prayer

Dear Lord Jesus ,
I ask you to come in to my heart forgive me of my sins

Wooo whooo 🎉 what an amazing celebration happening right now in your heart and heaven
Jesus loves you and lives , dwells in you

You are made a new creation the old has passed away all things have become new
2 Corinthians 5:17


Good morning y’all .

So first things first this is a hard post for me but I’m pushing through and sharing my brokenness with you all and what I’ve learned , pretty much a smack in the face !

So past couple weeks I’ve been praying , asking Jesus teach my heart about boundaries as He spoke To my heart beginning of the year on yielding .

So I kept saying boundaries ? What does that mean right away I started to analyze this and not to sure what or how this was for me .

Seeing a study called I do boundaries I’ve did the study one night at my kitchen table and I was blown away and I still am .

So I was like okay , I understand boundaries more and more , before I’d hear that word and was frightened it just sounds scary , yup I don’t know why lol maybe you’ve felt that too at some point .

So I made some lists and knew their needed boundaries in my home , with my kids in our Marriage with friendships and more

Still praying asking God , how Lord do i do this ? All I knew was I needed boundaries ! And it was for me . As I had a picture in my head about how I was going to put into action and thinking how to set them for people what’s my boundaries I won’t accept , little did I know I had the wrong concept here , let me explain …

Boundaries I needed yes , as I shared above but what God was speaking was for me! Boundaries I needed not to step over , what lines I shouldn’t cross . Even something so small seems harmless is a boundary and I needed to know that line.

Yesterday all this unfolded right before me eyes . As the day passes moment by moment it’s still speaking volumes to me the boundaries I need to know and keep in areas of my life our home , our marriage and even on social media . Different seasons of our lives come in and sometimes we’re blind at first or even numb to them , but different seasons call for different boundaries .

See we change our ages our, our growth our placements with people and status . This hard truth about boundaries was a smack in the face and boy oh boy was it needed .

Not saying I liked it but in order for us to grow and move forward to the place and person God called us to and become first He has to refine us , put us through the fires not for harm but for better . As pottery has to be refined and in the fire to holds it shape and be what the creator created it to be well so do we . Wow right !! Yup talk about the hard things , but its what we need .

Think about it everything was easy all the time would that keep you close to Jesus ? Or not so much right because Jesus is near the the broken-hearted . Of course He is with the not broken seasons too but the more broken we are the more we lean on Jesus .

Yesterday driving while riding along I was looking out the window and asking God why ? He spoke “ the brokenness keeps you close to Jesus’ heart “

It was like a light bulb , sure when things are going good smooth we thank Jesus but we’re not to that place needing Jesus every breath let’s be honest . You know the feels I’m trying to explain here .

See when God speaks and reveals things to us that’s not the end we don’t stop their , before you know it another hard season season comes why? Because He is not finished with us yet

We will never be finished done here on earth , life is a series of journeys , a series of Highs and lows and it’s all for our benefit to teach us mold us shape us for Gods glory.

“With Jesus theirs always a meanwhile”

Being real to myself about different things I’m lacking and needing growth and refined in , only here can Jesus take me and mold me it starts with confessing , being real and willing to admit and accept the process of change .

See i’d been asking Jesus a lot lately to strengthen our marriage our relationship restore and renew what was lost needs growth needs made new, to be each others person ride or die to be close to be in each others corners no matter what our downfalls , sins or brokenness looks like , for Jesus to let us see each other how he sees us with love compassion forgiven because we’re all Gods creations we all His sons and daughters . Well when we ask God shows up may not be how we want or expect and even on our time but HE always does HE is always faithful and HE knows what we need even if it’s hard , see HE don’t fix He makes new! This process through the pain leads to the promise .

I m still on a series of journeys and still learning more every moment that passes I’m so thankful for Jesus and His faithfulness to not let us go but always showing up and chasing after us , teaching us and leading us back where we need to be and on the path HE has for us .

God bless y’all and remember boundaries are hard truths but are so needed.


So we all have these seasons in our lives where Sorrow sneaks in instantly and unwelcomely , we find ourselves asking the whys, the hows, and all the emotions of heartache .

their we find the sorrowful season life has brang.

This is something we can’t stop , or change but  how we react is a choice we have. 

 And most importantly are we inviting Jesus in our sorrows ? He is with us through them  waiting for us to invite Him in the heartache .

He will strengthen us and if we let him take our sorrows for joy . 

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ 

Who strengthens me.

As we learn from the wise words of Solomon in the Bible ecclesiastics chapter 3 their is a time for everything . 

Jesus also tells us in 

Matthew 11:28 

Come unto me all you who are weary and burden as I will give you rest. 

Are we giving Him our burdens ? Are we taking His rest ?

Life‘s unexpected moments happened right in the Mundane of our normal routine , that phone call,  that conversation,  that one moment that changes our lives forever . 

So with this all being written , this past week I found myself here in a season of sorrow . we’ve lost someone dear to our hearts , a mighty man of Jesus !

A family member I can recall since I was 3 years old and who also I had the privilege to grow under His teaching , He was our pastor until he went to be with Jesus just a few days ago .

Jesus called His son home .

My heart is saddened yet joyful thinking , I can only imagine him with Jesus dancing and worshiping our king on streets of gold.

My Heart goes out to the family in this season of

Sorrow and grief . 

I do know this too shall

Pass and will see him again someday that’s the hope of Jesus , His promise to us . 

So remember when the sorrows come , take a breath and invite Jesus with you, lean into Him 

He is with us all every day , every second of our lives . 

So dear friends I ask you all to say a small prayer for us all as we face the days to come and attend our pastors funeral , pray for peace and strength for all the family .

Thanks so so much , and God bless all

your hearts.

The mundane

The mundane.

Okay so what is it about the mundane , the things we do everyday over and over as wives, moms and the roles we carry.

How do you get through your days and keep sane (lol) what keeps you going ?

and can I be honest? Do you ever feel like, okay Jesus what’s it all about? What gives? When will I make a difference in this crazy world ?

Or is it just me ? Feeling this way

Laundry,cleaning,cooking,bottles,diapers,baths,showers,bills, etc… the list goes on and on am I right?

So if your like me the thought has crossed your mind I’m sure , so let’s unpack our mundane and how they matter.

lets go back to bible days for a moment we see how the men traveled to the mountains to meet God and the women stayed home right , ever notice this or wonder why?

Well a little insight is given to us with two women Mary and Martha will unpack that a little bit later .

As women we have many roles specially if your a wife and a mom, we have things and people that need our attention.

As women our mundane our everyday routines honor God when we do them unto him , if we’re faithful in them. Marriage , motherhood , it all comes with responsibility .

See as women we can’t pick up and leave and go on a journey to meet God . it wasn’t just Drive their and back they had to walk far couple days journey their and walk back.

Jesus knew the importance of a women’s duties in her home.

Jesus meets us right where we are!

Wow chew on that for a moment

the God of the universe , the creator of the world meets us, shows up, and longs to dwell with us , wow.

Jesus goes out of his way to meet us , have an encounter that brings change, strength, love whatever it is we need .

Remember when He met the women at the well ?

He had a divine appointment with her , she was right in her normal routine , her mundane day Jesus met her and her life was forever changed.

Now back to Mary and Martha …

Luke 10:38-42

Jesus went to their house and we know the story Martha was busy with her mundane and preparing , while Mary sat at jesus’ feet , Jesus took the time out to meet them both in there home right in the mundane , Martha kept getting frustrated going back and forth telling Jesus , Mary should be helping me in so many words but she sits with you , what Martha missed was Jesus’ presence in her mundane , Mary notice it and invited him in her mundane and sat in his presence .

Wow , just sit there for a moment can you imagine that?

Picture you’re mundane , and Jesus walking in how would you respond? What would you do ?

Would you go about your you routine chores? Or would you invite him in your routine and sit in his presence?

See when we sit with Jesus more and more and encounter him and his glory were forever changed , were awoken more to who he has called us to be .

We’re strengthen were growing , we’re learning more of Jesus and the heart of God.

Just like the women at the well.

John 4:4-26

lets meet another women Jesus met and didn’t judge her mistakes , but bent down in them with her, the women caught in adultery .

John 8:1-11

One of my favorite encounters , see in Her routine her mundane day she was pulled from her act of adultery right in the act , wow can you imagine how she must have felt, ashamed, guilty, low, everyone seen her, exposed.

and all the feelings where our sin catches up with us , I’m sure you know but imagine it 10x that , well Jesus bent down to her in her mess, he didn’t excuse her but he forgave her he met her in her lowest and showed love grace and mercy .

That’s what Jesus does for us.

If we let him. are we inviting him in our mundane ?

See our routines our chores have meaning , have purpose by doing them well unto the Lord we honor him.

Faithful in little , faithful in much.

Sure we wanna do what we’re called to do for Jesus, but what if in this season this is it , this is where we’re called, see our ministry starts in our home first.

If we cant be faithful here how can we be faithful out there ?

Are we being good stewards of what God has given us?

Jesus meets us right in the mundane, that means while were doing laundry, washing dishes vacuuming making the beds invite Jesus in those moments simply pray have a conversation with Jesus, see what he wants to whisper to you heart and what he wants to teach you .

Even when we’re out running around , use that time and invite Jesus in with you while you drive along he will Keep you company . The more time we invite Jesus in our days the more we become closer with him know his heart a bit more and develop a stronger relationship with him.

Lets meet another women Jesus made time for while he was on a journey ,

The women with the blood issue , she heard of him and knew he was passing by she ran to meet jesus, she didn’t care how or what it would take she was determined, her faith wow what a faith she must of had

she only wanted to touch his garment a thread , she knew she would be healed , she sought the Lord and found him, and Jesus while passing by she didn’t make a scene to meet him and talk to him she simply touched his robe while it dragged the ground and Jesus, spoke who touched me he felt his power go out , his presence was made known.

Matthew 9:20-22

Mark 5:25-34

How can we gleam from these women ? Seek Jesus right in our mundane , whatever were carrying Jesus cares and wants to be sought out and invited into our lives.

Seeking Jesus we find his presence and he meets us there and fills us up with his power , his healing, his anointing.

Jesus waits to meet you today , right in your mundane.


As usually me in all my glory , mama bun, grey shining and a broken nail = even in the mundane Jesus loves this hot mess , His chosen daughter. What the physical eye sees is flaws right ? But what the spirit sees is beautiful ,beloved , unique , brave an inheritance of Jesus Christ , royalty.
Let’s remember to give ourselves grace once in awhile and not forget only what God says about us matters and counts. ✨ praise the Lord .
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My book

Hey y’all ! It’s Finally here I’ve finished my book ! Talk about a memorial stone to what Jesus has done! Where I was to where He’s taken me has been a journey with lots of valleys and some peaks . I’m beyond grateful and thankful for what He did and is continuing to do.

All glory to Jesus y’all!! He has given me the bravery and courage to share my heart , my story and my journey with Who He called me to be .

I wanna ask and thank you all for supporting me , She’s laughing along the way , and if you’d like to purchase my book I would appreciate it to the highest . All funds from buying will be going back into printing copies and saving toward getting it published ! I’m so excited and in awe of a Jesus He is always faithful .

God bless you all over and beyond.

Order your copy head to Venmo click the link below . $10 for each copy and free shipping , select pay and don’t forget to include your address for shipping along with any notes .

If y’all know me and are close by feel free to text me for a copy and I’ll hand deliver

God bless !!!!

A New heart

An antidote for the pain

Psalm 51:10-12

Create in me a clean heart , O God , and put a new and right spirit within me. Do not cast me away from your presence , and do not take your Holy Spirit from me . Restore to me the joy of your salvation , and sustain in me a willing spirit.

As we took a look at jobs wife, we see her pain .

She lost everything , and her words are proof she wasn’t handling it well .

She shows us the importance of being honest about our pain , she also shows us what can happen when we don’t process or deal with it.

We lash out hurt the ones we love mostly .

She was overwhelmed and emotionally spent , and we can easily understand her low heart and mind .

This psalm invites God to transform the heart . It doesn’t matter what it’s condition or how it got there , God is called of creating your heart anew .

Inviting God in the pain , produces change and growth .

It refines us .

More importantly , we don’t have to stay there , we don’t have to allow our pain to poison us .

It starts with an invitation , requesting God to come fix it , to fix us.

Realizing we can’t do it alone can be hard , but when we do we become better for it and change in on the way, it opens

Gods creative and healing powder .

It also extends an invitation to God for companionship on the journey .

The blessed , part is as long as we have breath , we can mend that brokenness and reconnect with our creator.

We find joy and spiritual renewal .

Nothing can really ever separate us from Gods love , we can always reconnect and find hope and start over again and again .

His mercies are new every morning!

If you ever find yourself in a dark ulgy place as jobs wife did ,

Let this prayer lead you to the beauty and the light and Gods love.

Say the words ,

God is always ready to respond .

“Create in me a clean heart , O God , and put a new and right spirit within me “.