What’s our influence

Morning y’all
Something to ponder on + journal

As women of influence , someone is always watching us right ,
Are we not living what we’re sharing but also applying it?

As in James doer of the word not just a hearer

Are we being that spiritual godmother we want for ourselves ?

Are our lives showing what we’re standing for ?

Are their things we need to surrender to fully walk where God is leading us ?

These are the hard conversations that need to be had , that grow us
Spiritual heart checks.

Are we living one way yet sharing another, remember someone is always watching.

What gaps are we needing poured into?

What areas are we needing mentors in and what areas can we mentor someone else?

Where is our cups being filled ?
From a godly facet or a worldly facet

Taking a stand for Christ , we’re to die to the flesh daily .
We’re to be in th world and not be of the world

Are we living the way we want to see people living who give us advice?

Would you come to yourself for advice?
Hard truths grow us.

Or is our facet tainted ?

( Michelle I love that with the facet) thanks for sharing that !!

Influence starts at the beginning
In genesis 3:17
Eve influenced Adam
He heeded her voice over God

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