My Journey

Hello their

I’m Shantel ,

welcome to my life .

born and raised  in Southern California.

I am a daughter , a Wife and a mommy  raising  3 kiddos, 2 girls and 1 boy

So I’ve started in 2016 with my journey and still pressing forward , been a believer since birth! But something shifted in me and my relationship with Jesus

I’ve surrendered and said yes Lord here I am .

I started digging into God’s word more and seeking his face and kind of seeking him on the direction of my life my calling my purpose

so the more I’ve been doing that and reading different books and doing different studies and meeting many new amazing women over the last few months it’s just opened up a whole new window for me A new season in life Came from that and

She Laughs was birthed, (2016) all because I said yes to His voice .

and many things has come for it over the past couple years and through different things and seasons where the Lord has me this also was birthed same vibes as she laughs (

the more I get into God’s word my passion has been rising up . I am a complete stationery geek I love writing I love pens paper I love journaling and i found putting it to use for Jesus to involve him in my passions, things i enjoy lately a huge part of my passion is being able helping others I’ve always liked to help other people but lately it’s just it’s I’m drawn to it and it’s just a blessing to help people out in time of need or just to know just for a little encouraging so I’ve decided to start this blog dedicated to Jesus all for his glory Holy Spirit you are welcome here I figured what way to start my journey besides journaling every day and reading spending time with God and talking about it then talk about it on a Blog!!!

and I hope you will share it with everyone hopefully it’ll Inspire encourage lift someone up and helping others through this so that’s kind of my story right now it’s still being written .

Along with Jesus my passions are writing coffee art and anything farmhouse decor

Hope y’all join my journey and let’s journey together to the cross sharing lifestyle and faith cultivating our lives for Him!

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