Rejoice always

What am I supposed to be doing here is the question we ask ourselves pretty much every day every other … More

Score board

When it comes to “life”, we ALL have a scoreboard, don’t we? The scoreboard is where you tallying up “life” … More

Peace over chaos

Daily Rhythms is about the moments that make up life it’s a journey to presence . living life with intentionally … More

The Hannah anointing

1samuel 1:4-7 Romans 5:3-4 One aspect of the Hannah anointing is the spirit of endurance. Modern-day Hannahs stand on the … More


We should be generous with what God gives us, including the minutes we have each day. If we mismanage our … More

Meet Shipharh and puah

shipharah and puah • Their story is in exodus chapter 1 • They We’re Hebrew women midwives, Commanded by the … More


Hebrews 12:11-12 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. However, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for … More

Our hearts

Sitting in luke today , chapter 6 Let’s unpack a little , are we loving well , are we praying … More


Practicing presents and nurtures peace and contentment, it does! it’s only when we practice presence that we slow down enough … More

Drink and receive

Drink In O Lord Almighty- Look to who you are trusting.  This is not a weak, timid god.  This is not … More