Role call

As wives we reflect the Holy Spirit in our homes we set the mood ,
We respresent Him .
Our marriages respresent Jesus ‘ love for His bride , the church
It teaches us to keep a relationship with our husbands as we are to Jesus
Submit , to a virtuous woman
We are Value to God ,
We must honor Him and by honoring our husbands we honor God.

We become better versions of us when we’re obedient to Christ 1st .
When we’re spending time with Him , we’re changed we’re more loving more, healthy better versions and it’s easier to honor and submit to our hundands even when hard seasons arise.
Behind Every good man is a better woman

Prov 18:22 he who finds a wife finds a good thing.

The more time we spend with Jesus our inner beauty overflows in our marriages ,
And to those around us.
We flourish the healthy way the selfless way

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