Doug out moments 

So tonight was my sons Tball game and as team mom the doug out can be crazy at times with 12 kiddos .I do have friends helping out which I appreciate Highly even though it’s gets total chaos. Which brings me to thoughts on my heart about joyfullness and patience!! 

patience helping the team get geared up get ready,have order , it has its moments but sure is a joy watching the game and the team play it brings joy and smiles it makes life’s worries slip away and in those moments it’s a lesson , a lesson which I’m still learning . How heart comes in , how obedience comes into play, even in the striking out moments , they still get back up at the plate with smiles ready again .

Remember its the little things that bring the joy, the little moments we sometimes miss because of life and the madness 

And in the crazyness at times we don’t see it but it is teaching us patience , building character , shaping our identity 

Count it all Joy , these are the crucial moments that bring beauty.

Life is always teaching us in circumstances , in seasons , but sometimes we close our eyes and don’t embrace it and become stuck , stuck in the mess . Without the crazy , the overwhelming , the hard times we cannot grow , we cannot get unstuck , we can’t find the sunshine after the rain . 

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