Vessel of Love

Okay so I ask y’all , what good are we to others when we’re overwhelmed , overbooked and chaotic inside ? •we’re a living , breathing vessel of love . We need car,rest , nutrients and a full heart to be able to speak life into the people we love , the lives that matter , the people we meet • gal 5:14 the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command “love your neighbor as yourself” •••••• so what good are we to others if we’re not loving our self as well , isn’t that impossible to love others , if we aren’t loving ourself 1st if we others bad it’s a reflection of how we see ourselves treat ourselves . We are all Human flesh , we mess up make mistakes get hurt But let’s not stay here let’s tend to our issues to be a vessel of love to others as well as ourselves even when we don’t want to • obedience starts then the feelings come let’s start their . Take time , care and work on us through spending time with Jesus hit pause and be willing to be the change we want to be and to see .

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