We can through God

God Will Give You the Strength To Accomplish His Purpose In Your Life

I don’t know what God has called you to do today, but I do know that, no matter what His calling, He will give you the strength to accomplish His purpose in your life. He is simply asking you to look to Him.

Look to Him for your strength.

Look to Him to cleanse your heart of sin.

Look to Him when you are exhausted and at the end of your strength.

Look to Him for the endurance and patience you need to continue on.

When you are bewildered and don’t know where to turn, look to Him for the skill and wisdom that you so desperately need.

When you feel like you cannot take one more step, look to Him for the courage to take that next step of obedience. And the next step. And the next step.

The End of the Story

The path of obedience won’t be easy. It wasn’t for Moses. He experienced discouragement, frustration, exhaustion, and foolish moments when he allowed sin to master him.

Yet, when we remember Moses, we don’t remember the fearful whiner of Exodus 4, begging God to send someone else. We remember a strong man of God who walked in obedience during a difficult time and was used of God in a mighty way to bring about a great salvation for an entire nation.

In the end, it wasn’t Moses. It was God. And, it will be God in your life, and it will be God in my life. God will give us the strength to accomplish His calling in our lives.

Today, when self-doubt threatens to cripple you, look to God and replace your self-doubt with God-trust. May He be honored and glorified in your life and mine!

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