Who I am in Him

This is what He said to me after struggling with this about myself since 2017

All glory to Jesus , I’m sharing with you all a testimony an answered prayer

I who I am in HIM
A new beginning , a fresh start God is writing my story , and the journey begins now .

Jeremiah 1:18 mark 4:21
mark 4:24 ex 4:2-4
I am a lampstand
I am an iron pillar
I am a staff

Through Him
He prepares me
He calls me
In Him I am made new He enables me to represent Him and His kingdom
I carry His anointing
I am a bridge way from earth to heaven
I am His tool qualified through HIM
His promises guide me along my journey
In Him I have peace , comfort , security
In Him I wait while He prepares me His masterpiece , I have courage as He strengthens my heart . Ps 27:14

Using the tools He’s given by the measure I use it it will be measured to me
Mark 4:24

Gods revealing to me I can’t write it fast enough all the things He says about me who I am , He revealing more and more
What they mean lampstand
I am strong to hold up His message Jesus is the light , John 8:12 9:5 John 14:6 John 1:9
Matthew 5:16
holds up structure
Placed in His holy place the tabernacle
I am His dwelling place the tabernacle
ex 25:31-40
Lampstand made of pure gold
Hammered out to the perfect accuracy of Gods decree ex 25:31
Gold tested through the fire comes
Out purified numbers 31:23

His iron pillar made to give honor, victory
A worshiper
Bridge between heaven and earth
Irons sharpens iron lift others up in HIM
Iron is a tool for building

I am a staff a tool used to lead other to Jesus share his message
He says pick up my tool
What He’s given me and use it with authority
To Shepard and support along the way I am a Shepard holding up and preparing His way holding Him on display His lampstand I am

Their so much I’m still in awe and Gods teaching my heart what all this means
It’s been a long few years with struggling with God I’ve felt like Jacob wrestleing with God . Gen 32
Not letting go till he spoke
And saturday , wow did He
I’m so great full and excited
God gave me a new heart Saturday night
psalms 51
I can Finilly breath again
Like that ulgy weight left .

Still trying to naviagate this but I’m exited and trusting Him
To see what it all means and how
And in His timing

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