Seeds of Doubt

He started with deceit then planted seeds of doubt in her mind . He made her question her identity and her calling through stirring up distrust over the very words of God that she knew to be true . 

Genesis 3:1 now the serpent was the most cunning of all the wild animals that the Lord had made . He said to the women ” did God really say “you can’t eat from any tree in the garden ?”

This is excetly what he does to us every single day – he causes us to be skeptical of who we are by planting hesitations in our hearts about the trustworthiness of the Word of God . He whispers lies into our ears which seem so believable , the truth becomes hard to discern .

Everyday the enemy uses these four words to threaten and tear down our own identities .

Did God really say ? Is satans scheme to knock the daughter of God off her feet in failure . He makes us doubt our own identities .

His intend is take our eyes off the Glory of God and distract us from becomes the Women Gid created us to become , distract us from our identities in Christ Jesus and look to our identities in our image .

We’re already made in Gods image at the beginning , the enemy wants and try’s to brainwash our minds to think we’re not enough , and Jesus isn’t enough for us.

Daughters of Christ your worth is in him , were all created in His image , we are enough in Him , Jesus is enough for us he is all we need and everything else falls into place . Remember don’t let satans lies his whispers brainwash you , kick him to the curb ! Our God is greater  , Our identity is found in Him Jesus ! We’re created in His image , we have authority over Satan and his lies with Gods word. 

God told us , we are beautiful ps 139:13-14  Gen1:27

God told us we have purpose Eph 2:10 

God told us he loves us John 3:16 romans 5:8

God told us we are redeemed psalms 103:11-14 2cor 5:17 

Jesus loves us and He is ours and we are His .

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