Fight the enemy in your house

You might be similar to Jael today—

Judges 4 you’ll find her story

a mom who dwells in her tent and is faithful in her own territory, seemingly unarmed and far from dangerous to your adversary. You may be looking at other women who seem to embody what society deems success, and you may feel “less than” or even wrestle feelings of failure.

You may choose to believe that the battle is someone else’s responsibility because you are up to your eyes in laundry. You may even be content leaving it to the men or even other moms. But you, woman of God, are the secret weapon that God desires to use on the front line.

Jael fought the one battle that would win the war all by herself in her living room!

There is a battlefield shift taking place, and the war zone is the home. It’s in the airways of your home, on your television and your computers, on your children’s electronic devices, and in the relationships your children form.

The enemy has had access to your dwelling place long enough, and the Holy Spirit desires to evict him once and for all. It’s time for our homes to be inhabited by the glory of God and His Spirit with no room for the enemy or his schemes

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