The bridge

Good morning Frends so I’m just reading in Hosea chapter 7 verse 14 and it says

And they do not cry to me from their heart when they whale on their beds for the sake of grain andThey assemble themselves they turn away from me.

I read it a couple times and then went on to read my notes and the last paragraph left me in a wow State and I wanted to share with you guys

A cry of anguish is not the same as a cry for mercy

Paul wrote the sorrow that is according to the will of God produces a repentance without regret leaving to salvation but the sorrow of the world produces death 2Corinthians 710

affliction does not necessarily bring us back to the Lord it depends on what we do with it however if we will turn to the Lord earnestly and in our suffering we will find that our adversity is a bridge to a deeper relationship with him.

So as I sit here thinking wondering why, what keeps us from comming to Jesus , crying out to him in the storms

As he says Hosea 7:7 none of them calls on him .

Look it up in your bible and red your notes .

The Lord invites us to come to him any time of day night 365 for any reason , problem or praise ,

So I’m wondering why is it so hard for us to do this , to call on Jesus sincerely wholehearted

I pray today the Holy Spirit reveals to each of us that answer and we can address it and fall into Jesus fully and accept his invite as his children , a so precious gift from our Lord God .

Stay blessed ,


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