Still I rise

One of those crisp cozy mornings call for your favorite sweater and a cup of joe and most important Jesus ✨☕️ fall into his goodness embrace who He says we are NOT what people say we are or try and put labels on us . Do I mess up ?Yup am I perfect ? Nope do I get it right everytime ? Never BUT the only Words that matter are Gods not people and that’s what we need to receive and remember when people try and come against us . Their words don’t count . Their not God and brush them off stand tall in Gods goodness His Love His grace His words that are truth

So this morning I started to post on Instagram a pretty photo of one of my favorite sweaters and just like that the Holy Spirit took over and began to flow . A issue that rose up yesterday the enemy tryed to get me through people and it took a lot not to come to their level or lash out back to them but in the end that’s not worth nothing but giving into the enemy and bringing yourself down .

So my post became a post to Encourage and remind us all in those times when people try to throw labels at us judge us according to them or the world don’t embrace it don’t take it with you don’t let them define you your worth .

We’re all human and mess up and mostly never get it right .

That’s where Jesus comes in and saves us over and over again

Only Gods words matter ! The worlds don’t

We need to embrace who and what Jesus said we are , not who and what people say about us .

Emabrace Gods goodness , His words .

Don’t let people define you by their words .

Fight the urage to come back at them with words of terring down

Theirs not point in that . Use Gods words to speak truth and goodness and let’s strive to be kind to those who try to bring us down .

Even when we fell to show kindness , Jesus is their to teach us guide us and show us for the next encounter

Through His grace we are redeemed made new , saved and receive His mercy .

And pray to see others as God does , through the eyes and heart of Jesus .

God bless .

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