The heart , flows

Let’s unpack mark 7:15-23 for a minute while reading this passage today well I’m stoped in my tracks yes I’ve heard this passage before and spoken by many but today the spirit is speaking and telling me , things we see things things we eat things that enter us can’t defile us . Here’s the kicker … it’s what comes out of us that does WOW . The things that we allow to take in we have a choice how we react to them, and so we let them seek into our hearts? Most of the time we’re all guilty of this . But this is why it’s so important to renew our minds daily with His word to kick out the bad thoughts before they sneak into our hearts and they begin to poison us and before we know it they flow out . All things have consequences for good and for evil . Today I pray for Gods love His words His truth to guard our hearts for the things the world throws at us keep our feet planted in Jesus , ready to fight the right way with Gods armor and prepared for the enemy’s tactics to defies our bodies a living sacrifice for Jesus . Remember Jesus dwells inside us alive and well ✨ let’s not defile His temple let’s guard our hearts ❤️. #sharingmyheart

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