Hang the wallpaper

We as believers in Jesus born again Christian represent the Holy Spirit as he dwells inside of us we are dwelling place for him to live in as Paul wrote in

first Corinthians 316 no you not that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you

The word dwell in the Greek oikeo Which means how the word well means to take up residency in a house

Never forget God spirit the Holy Spirit now lives in Us so what are we doing to make him feel welcome

Here’s a little story from sparkling gems a devotional I’m reading the pastor was starting a church in Moscow getting the building prepared a woman volunteered to hang wallpaper as he left and went about his day and came back to check the work out he walked in her room with Miss matched on even crooked wallpaper the lady replied how do you like my work he replied did you not notice it was crooked and uneven?

She said if you tilt your head to the side it looks straight and even he gasped and said people don’t walk in with crooked heads they walk in standing upright she said no one will notice just leave it he said it Hass to come down and be redone this is the house of God we’re all people enter..

You get the idea there’s more to the story but let’s just stop there and focus on that are we allowing Jesus to feel welcome are we allowing the crooked I miss matched places of our life remain on chat are we leaving so no one will notice or are we doing our best to rip them away piece by piece so we can make a place in our heart that shows God honor and respect

When were welcoming people in our home it’s great we do so much to make them feel welcome invited in our homes offices even in our churches but think how much more important it is that we build our lives in such a way for God that he knows just how thankful we are that he dwells in our hearts

God has moved in our heart and made it his permanent home don’t you think we should hang the wallpaper in our heart in such a way that shows him how happy and honored we are that he lives here?

Here are some questions to consider

1. Can you think of a specific part of your life that are intolerable and hurtful to God spirit but that you have allowed to continue in your life what are the areas in your life that you know are wrong and God is asking you to change? Making a list of these areas will help keep it nearby and you can be reminded of the changes you need to make as you pray each day

2. What do you do when your life that especially make Scott feel welcome and honored and respected?

3. If you were God and were looking for a heart that made you feel welcomed and honored and respected what qualities would you be looking for that you would know you were truly wanted and welcomed there?

Today be encouraged friends , face the hard parts on your lives that need took down and re hung , don’t leave them crooked and uneven . With The Holy spirits help we can change them and rebuild them to show honor and respect to our King our Lord Jesus Christ .

Meditate on God and ask Him , what does the wallpaper of or hearts look like .

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