Develope Humility

Develop humility
The believer is constantly to strengthen the things of God that have become established in his life .
Being ready to repent for any failure , to make right any sin , will cause the Beliver to refine his walk in the spirit .
Outward works do not always indicate a right condition of the heart , but a right condition of the heart produces good works .
Revelation 3:1-5
Do not be lulled to sleep because of a good reputation .
Keep on pressing into Jesus .
Make sure we’re practicing
the teachings we have received .
Obey Gods word to us.
Jesus is coming soon let’s not be caught off guard ,
Is what we’re letting keep us from Jesus really worth an Eternity from Him?
The hour is at hand Jesus is calling us ,
Answer the phone
Don’t be late
He is at hand ✨

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