Stay grounded

Hello their ,
So today at the beach God shows me so much , on the things I’ve been asking and telling Him , okay Lord show me teach me
Show up Lord .
So last couple weeks I’ve been hearing stay grounded , stand my post and the other morning I wrote that in my journal, a title
Stand your Ground .
Immediately after I wrote it I was like ok Lord , um what does this mean really?
Couple hours later my prayer girl wrote me and said , stay grounded on what you know .
I was like wow okay Lord thank you , I know it’s you .
So today at the beach , He showed up and spoke
“ See how your standing in the sand ,
stay grounded In me ,
See how the water comes and you get deeper standing your ground , the sand is you
I am molding you ,
don’t let the gravity of the world pull you ,
Stay grounded in Me,
The water is Jesus My son the living water He wash’s over you and the deeper you go ,
Is you being grounded and deeply rooted in Me. Stay grounded”
God is so faithful .
So amazing .
Alaways speaking .
His promises still stand .
Stay grounded in Jesus !

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