The mundane

The mundane.

Okay so what is it about the mundane , the things we do everyday over and over as wives, moms and more

How do you get through your days and keep sane (lol) what keeps you going and can I be honest? We you ever feel like okay Jesus what’s it all about? What gives? When will I make a difference in this crazy world ? Or is it just me ?

Laundry,cleaning,cooking,bottles,diapers,baths,showers,bills, etc… the list goes on and on am I right?

So if your like me the thought has crossed your mind I’m sure , so let’s unpack our mundane and how thy matter.

lets go back to bible days for a moment we see how the then men traveled to the mountains to meet god, and the women stayed home right , ever notice this or winder why?

Well a little insight is given to us with two women Mary and Martha .

So back to then men going to meet god, and back to the women

As women we have many roles specially if your wife and a mom, we have things and people that need our attention. As women our mundane our everyday routines honor god when we do then unto him , if we’re faithful in them. Marriage , motherhood comes with responsibility .

See as women we can’t pick up and leave and go on a journey to meet god, it wasn’t just. Drive their and back they hadn’t to walk far and walk back,

Jesus knew the importance of a women’s duties in her home. Jesus meets us right where we are! Wow chew on that for a moment.the god of the universe , the creator of the world meets us, shows up, and longs to dwell with us , wow.

Jesus goes out of his way to meet us , have an encounter that brings change, strength, love whatever it is e need . Remember when he met the women at the well ?

He had a divine appointment with her , she was right in her her normal routine , her mundane day Jesus met her and her life was forever changed.

Now back to Mary and Martha ,

Luke 10:38-42

Jesus went to their house and we know the story Martha was busy with her mundane and preparing , while Mary sat at jesus’ feet , jesus’ took the time out to meet them both in there home right in the mundane , Martha kept getting frustrated going back and forth telling Jesus , Mary should be helping me in so many words but she sits with you , what Martha missed was Jesus’ presence in her mundane , Mary notice it and invited him in her mundane and sat in his presence .

Wow ,n just sit there for a moment can you imagine that?

Picture you’re mundane , and Jesus walking in how would you respond? What would you do ?

Would you go about your you routine chores?nor would you invite him in your routine and sit in his presence?

See when we sit with Jesus more and more and encounter him and his glory were forever changed , were awoken more to who he has called us to be . We’re strengthen were growing , we’re learning more of Jesus and the heart of god.

Just like the women at the well.

John 4:4-26

lets meet another women Jesus met and didn’t judge her mistakes , but bend down in them with her, the women caught in adultery .

John 8:1-11

One of my favorite encounters , see in. Her routine her mundane day she was pulled from her act of adultery right I the act , wow can you imagine how she must have felt, ashamed, guilty, low, everyone seen her, exposed, and all the feelings where our sin catches ups with us , I’m sure you know but imagine it 10x that , well Jesus bend down to her in her mess, he didn’t excuse her but he forgave her he met her in her lowest and showed love grace and mercy .

That’s what Jesus does for us.

If we let him. are we inviting him in our mundane ?

See our routines our chores have meaning , have purpose by doing them well unto the Lord we honor him.

Faithful in little , faithful in much.

Sure we wanna do what we’re called to do for Jesus, but what if in this season this is it , this is where we’re called, see our ministry starts in our home first.

If we cant be faithful here how can we be faithful out there ?

Are wen being good stewards of what god has given us?

Jesus meets us right in the mundane, that means while were doing laundry, washing dishes vacuuming making the beds invite Jesus in those moments simply pray have a conversation with Jesus, see what he wants to whisper to you heart and what he wants to teach you .

Even when we’re out running around , use that time and invite Jesus in with you while your drive along he will Keep you company . The more time we invite Jesus in our days the more we become closer with him know his heart a bit more and develop a stronger relationship with him.

Lets meet another women Jesus made time for while he on a journey ,

The women with the blood issue , she heard of him and knew he was passing by she ran to meet jesus, she didn’t care how or what it would take she was determined, her faith wow what a faith she must of had , she only wanted to touch his garment a thread , she knew she would be healed , she sought the Lord and found him, and Jesus while passing by she didn’t make a scene to meet him and talk to him she simply touched his robe while it dragged the ground and Jesus, spoke who touched me he felt his power go out , his presence was made known.

Matthew 9:20-22

Mark 5:25-34

We can we gleam from her ? Seek Jesus right in our mundane , whatever were carrying Jesus cares and wants to be sought out and invited into our lives.

Seeking Jesus we find his presence and he meets us there and fills us up with his power , his healing, his anointing.

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