Consecrate it to Jesus

Praying over new brushes as well as my ol g’s ✨as giving them to the LORD to have His way when I use them to bless Him and others . So I sat for hours and hours tonight and kept painting the same image over and over I’ve even told my kids I’m, what am I painting this? Gota be a reason right ? Well I planned on practicing on my flowers but Jesus had other plans ….
I keep painting the human heart ! If ya know me well my fave passage and live by is psalm 51:10 it become my breathe my prayer minute by minute , back in 2020 when the Lord spoke to me and gave me a new heart , and still today !
But some may not know the heartache literally my husband suffered with heart issues … that’s for another day that journey .
when we tell Jesus take the wheel have His way to anoint the tools in my hands Be ready for Him to show up + say ok and trust process He has the plan+ purpose for the when,where and why ✨

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