Disciples of Jesus

when we seek to encourage and personally affirm those who come across our path, we are cultivating in them an understanding of their great worth to Christ. We are instilling in them a hope that they, with their unique personalities, skills, and circumstances, are playing a part. 

Discipleship Is About the Heart

That’s what discipleship is—captivating hearts with a passion for Christ and teaching others to commune with Him through the seasons of their lives. Discipleship, then, is not about indoctrination. Discipleship is about the heart. 

David, who would become the king of Israel, did not look anything like a royal leader. But God told Samuel to anoint him anyway, for “man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart,” (1 Samuel 16:7). 

Discipling others is not about authority, great faith, strong personality, spiritual giftedness, appearance, or deep knowledge. It’s about being faithful to serve—available to God and willing to learn right where we are. 

It’s said that success proceeds first from showing up, but it goes a step further for believers. The exhortation in the book of Hebrews to “encourage one another” requires a group of more than one Christian. So when you bring others together, you are creating the opportunity for the Spirit to show up, to blow through your gathering.

If you are faithful, available, and teachable, then God is not concerned about outward appearances such as worldly qualifications and qualities: He is looking at your heart. Just like the disciples of Jesus’s day, you don’t have to have it all together to bring others into your space. Just do it. Because when women are filled with the power, love, wisdom, and celebration of the Spirit, the next generation will catch fire with their passion.


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