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What’s your filter ?

Hey friends !

How’s everyone doing ? So last couple weeks been so emotional , this season in life has been one forsure .

So over the past couple weeks I’m realizing that , hay I have a choice as we all do everyday to embrace the day the family the things that might be trying in this season not saying it’s easy but the Choice is ours . Is all this junk worth my joy? Is it worth feeling down and out and just drained ?

Nope ! Easier sis than done yes , but got me thinking about filters , what filter are we using each day? Our mornings set the tone for the day , are we choosing the right filter ?

Most times we need a pep talk ourselves to speak truth and life over our days over our seasons and smile more take back our joy choose the joyful filter . We choose how we see the day, people , life seasons and all

Let’s choose the right filter y’all

And that filter is found in Christ ! When we’re inviting Jesus In our days our seasons we see differently ! Before we view the day let’s be on our Jesus filter and choose to be joyful and see things through the lens of Christ ! Amen

Remember it’s a good day !

Check out the podcast talking more about this

Truth+hope | it’s a good day

Podcast available apple podcast and Spotify

God bless y’all


𝙱𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚜 ✨
theirs something about boundaries that’s much needed in al aspects of our lives with ourselves , self care , family friends in our homes , our marriages . It’s a step forward becomming better for ourself and others it sparks a little flare of joy and doing so we become the best versions of ourselves
Boundaries = growth 🪴

God bless y’all

Stay healthy and grow set your boundaries

Your tribe ?

Hello there

Sorry for the Mia y’all

Here’s what’s in my heart and mind past couple weeks

First off the photo a thousand words and speaks volumes !!

Follow your tribe

Have you found your tribe ? Your people your community ?

Well let me spill my heart , this has always been my hearts desire to belong be like be valued and have theses kinds of friends in return , tribe pack

Well along came 2020 and I felt like God finilly opened that door to new found friendships , old friendships renewed in Christ on a whole new level and here we are 2022 this year I fell like those relationships has vanished the godly community that was so close woven together , staring in 2021 those stronger together started to drift apart and eveyone just got in with life , fell back to old ways and I feel forgot about 2020 and how awesome it was how God shows up for us all in new ways and prayers .

So what am I getting at? Following your tribe .

It’s sad and so disappointing when you think you found your tribe your sisterhood on Christ friends , then some slowly vanish and some just out of no where drop you

Have y’all been here ? Are you here now ? What’s your season look like with tribes ?

I jeep saying Jesus what’s up ? Why I don’t get it don’t understand ? Am I suppose to be a loner Lord ? I sigh and laugh as well then ask really why is this season tying on this subject ? And dropping friends in the trying hard times battles disagreements and all the drama as women lol, well where is the growth in working through it ? And stronger together really mean? It is pick and choose or maybe childish ways sneaking back in .

Sadly we mess up yes sometimes on purpose and not on purpose .

We’re human but I thought as women in Christ we was all past childish ways and lies

It takes brave courageous moments to ask and go to others when you done wrong or even more so even if you wasn’t aware of anything then you ask the hard questions and we’ll get blowed off

So your tribe value the ones who stick closer than a brother , and to us all in the season of no tribe let’s not give up but press on even though it’s tuff and lonely I’m sure Jesus has the plan for us , maybe we’re the ones who don’t get that? Maybe Jesus is all the tribe we need whoever it is I pray for mended hearts and souls for us all for strength bravery and peace for us to hang in to Jesus not worry but trust

In Jesus name amen!

Project beauty

P r o j e c t B e a u t y •
supporting this movement for 2022 as a mom of 2 daughters and 1 son as their mom , their guide through all the seasons of life teaching them true beauty comes from within we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image in Jesus Christ . Our inner beauty comes from being in His word and radiates through us. God created each of us unique and with purpose
So with this years project beauty word I’m choosing “Rise Up” it’s time to rise and claim what God had prompted us to and claim His promises along the journey . It’s not about the start or the end but in the middle , the how and why to the promised land.
Rise up girls join the movement post your #projectbeauty photo ✨

The best version

So tonight got me thinking , as I sat on the couch watching my favorite show
This is us. I’m still playing the words in my mind and thinking about ourselves.
Who gets the best version of us ?
Is it our spouse , our kids , or friends ?
Or was our best version us twenty years ago? Before we became wives
And husbands , or moms and dads .
My brain feels like the last 25 years playing on the big screen
From my 15 year old self to me now 38 me.
Our best versions are when we’re walking and living In our God given
Identities .
So stop a moment , join me think on this , when where and how
Was your best version ? What season past present or future .
When did you truly find Jesus and your true self which only brings
Your best version .?
Did we have it along the journey and lost it somewhere between the big things or the small things we just can’t grasp ,
Because all truth it’s the small things that count most and have the hugest
Affect on us .
Have you looked at your refection recently ?
What do you see?
Is it something you’ve been avoiding or something
Your embracing ? Is your marriage getting the best version of you? Or family , your friends how about Jesus ?
It all starts with Jesus form the inside out , so as the years pass is by
As we are aging with time maturing out physical man , is our spiritual man also maturing ?
Something I’m still baffled about
The best version of us .
The Who’s and the How’s that makes us , well us
If we’re not giving our best versions of ourselves to Jesus , our family’s
Our marriage our kids , then where is our best version?
Who gets it ? Or who has already experienced it .
Our best versions start with Jesus our inner man
The more Jesus we have and desire the more our reflection In the mirror
Matches the reflection of our heart.
And this brings our best version of us to those in our lives .

I’ll leave y’all with this ,
but I’m still trying to wrap my head around
The best version of me ,
was it younger years , older years or all the in between of life .
And to keep it or get it back
Jesus needs to be come the main and only source to share the best of me
And extend that to others.

New year new beginnings

Hi y’all 🙋🏻‍♀️
It’s been awhile
Okay so here’s the real raw 411 on me ,
who I am + what I’m about
I’m a daughter of the king first and Formost I’m a daughter ,a sister , a wifey , a mommy to 3 beautiful kiddos , a auntie and more

What I am not
Having it all together
Confident or qualified to speak and share Jesus

But what I am
All through Jesus !!
He calls me for His glory His plan
His purpose
I’m a servant saying yes and amen Lord
here i am ,
Am I nervous and anxious when sharing Jesus through writing and speaking posts and having conservations always
But I say yes and He leads the way He prepares me

Does this mean I’m perfect and won’t mess up ? Nope everyday I fail
But it’s getting back up and fighting the good fight even when some don’t get it or I’m laughed at and all the things even called the H word hypocrite , hey I’m not perfect remember
I’m not Jesus I’m simply a servant at Jesus co. a
Co- partner with Him
Co- creator
Co- speaker
Co- writer
So with this being said friends I invite y’all along the journey with me
Sharing Jesus His message
However that looks
I’m a vessel for Him
I’m the clay in the potters hands
When He calls i answer
Even in my mundane messy middle of my life
Jesus tells me
be bold and courageous
I pray to live out what I share, speak , write
In my home , in my marriage in friendships
In motherhood all the things
to rise up to the call of who I am created to be
Being the wife and mom God has created me to be starts with my yes to Jesus , it’s only in Him I can become her. Amen

Disclaimer : okay lol ,
you’ve been spoken to , I don’t claim to be perfect or know more than anyone I will mess up in my words and actions
But Jesus Christ will lead me to learn from my mistakes and the Holy Spirit will teach me to become the best version of me

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Website!! Made of clay

Hey I have some awesome news !! I’m so blessed and thankful for Jesus and His goodness and birthing beauty from suffering

I’m in total awe of Jesus and His love joy mercy and beauty … beyond thankful

Made of clay website is up and ready to bless y’all and worship our king for His beauty through the suffering http://www.madeofclay.space

Thanks for supporting this ministry and each purchase serves a meal to those in need

God bless y’all always


Made of clay • sneak peek•

Hey There !!

I’m so excited to share the beauty of God what He turned from suffering into His beauty

All collections are hand made piece by piece

Praying it blesses you all and y’all can relate and mediate on Gods word and His truths.

And embrace His beauty die our suffering seasons.

God bless you all

$30 each
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$27 each

More to come here is just a few collections !!

My Instagram Shantel.Lazrovich follow for more insight on the collections , custom pieces are also welcome! Throw your designs my way !!

Anyone interested in ordering any , y’all can Venmo me


Venmo include collection name + address to ship

Message me on Instagram or email sheslaughing@yahoo.com for orders more details regarding all pieces

Every pair sold will help feeing the hungry , every purchase will go toward buying a meal giftcard and will be passed out to those in need .

Meanwhile will be Working on site to order

Thank you all So so much and God bless y’all !!! Xo