Roll call !

As wives we reflect the Holy Spirit in our homes we set the mood ,

We respresent Him .

Our marriages respresent Jesus ‘ love for His bride , the church

It teaches us to keep a relationship with our husbands as we are to Jesus

Submit , to a virtuous woman

We are Value to God ,

We must honor Him and by honoring our husbands we honor God.

We become better versions of us when we’re obedient to Christ 1st .

When we’re spending time with Him , we’re changed we’re more loving more, healthy better versions and it’s easier to honor and submit to our hundands even when hard seasons arise.

Behind Every good man is a better woman

Prov 18:22 he who finds a wife finds a good thing.

The more time we spend with Jesus our inner beauty overflows in our marriages ,

And to those around us.

We flourish the healthy way the selfless way


One aspect of the Hannah anointing is the spirit of endurance. Modern-day Hannahs stand on the promises of God and are not swayed by the criticism of others. They are relentless in the face of doubt. They do not settle for anything less than the will of God for their lives.
The Hannah anointing is the ability to tolerate and hold up under pressure and persecution, never yielding the posture of faith in the promises of God. It is the ability to never lose courage under the pressures of unfulfilled promises. Hannahs are God-assured rather than self-assured. They are persevering, persistent, resilient, humble, prayerful, prophetic, and nurturing.

Hannah prayed, she persistently and relentlessly pursued the promise of God in her life, and she would not let go until the Lord blessed her. She stood in the face of torment, mocking, and being misunderstood for the way she prayed. She withstood the temptation to compromise, settle for what she had, and give up on her dream of having a son. Hannah’s story is the prophetic archetype for women everywhere to pray and never lose heart until they see a release of the promises of God, until they see the enemy’s hand lifted off of them, and until they see the spirit of barrenness broken and fruitfulness returned.

Hold on to Gods promises , the blessings are comming keep the faith remember Gods words are always on time


Good morning y’all

It’s been awhile , a season of hardship loneliness and sadness but as we are approaching thanksgiving , does it matter ? Should it matter more that a grateful heart?

Seasons come and go , changes with life’s curve balls but ! And the But is a very important but ,

We’re to still praise Jesus and have a grateful heart , even though the seasons

Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Let’s be thankful souls this season and praise through it even though we may not feel like it Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever amen

Still alive and worthy of our praise and gratitude .

Let’s be always thankful not fair weather thankful but whole full beautiful sunny skies thankful .

God bless y’all and happy thanksgiving friends ,

What are you thankful for this season this day ?

Blessings to y’all

Shantel .


Our logo is complete ✨ couldn’t be happier ! The F L O W E R pod
Hey there
A little behind scenes ,
welcome ,
Flower pod is a local small business in Perris California , since
Having a passion with flowers there beauty captivates me in my tracks my whole life pretty much , as I got older the more I came to appreciate their rare beauty & the happy joyful feelings that came along , the total package to brighten everyones day.
Theirs beauty in the blooms the unique colors shapes and scents flowers have , how they bloom in the soil the dirt the dark , just like Jesus created us and how we bloom as well
Psalm51:10 ❤️ everyday Jesus makes us new a pod for His beauty to shine through . Just like flowers we all have a purpose ✨

Something been on my heart so I’m taking action I hope y’all will share the news ans support the flower pod! Lots things happening , praying for farmer markets , flower bar events as well as flower subscriptions

Website still being made we have a ig come follow support and share !

Instagram @ _theflowerpod

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Facial tool

This device is an essential risk to deep clean your pores . Feels like a spa facial

Came across this on Amazon and the price was great . Y’all know I’m a skincare junkie well now you know hahah!!

The older we get the more it’s essential to take care of our skin . This at home spa deep clean facial tool is easy to use and in the comfort of your own home ! And the best is the results !!

Try it out let me know how ay like it shop the link below!!

God bless

Remember it’s a good day !!!

Style with me finds.

Hey y’all good morning so todays post a little different , yes I’ll be adding more lifestyle and fashion , beauty and health posts , all things beauty inner + outter .

So something I’m lovin right now is my Levi jean jacket . Retro forsure right ?! It’s lightweight stylish and pairs pretty much with anything it adds the cherry on top to any outfit . My favorite with any romper or dress !

Levi Jean jacket 59.99 & up

I’ve got mine from Nordstrom rack a while ago and lately been my daily ware along with these beautiful Steve Madden sandals . Theses came from Amazon

The link above is to my Pinterest

Just a little post sharing These great finds stylish and affordable ! Any of y’all grab either or pair the two together let me know.

Have a great day stay safe and be blessed always , Jesus loves you .

Grab theses sandals here !

Style with me

Let’s chat my recent target decor haul!

It’s that season y’all a season for change and refresh in my heart and in my home

I’ve been needing it’s over due . While heading into target ready and geared up with my Starbucks coffee and big red basket I was hopeful to find the perfect Pieces to jazz up my home and that well friends jazzed up some joy in my heart as well

I’ve came across these beautiful matte gold accent pieces . First end table / desk lamps clear glass shoes the led bulb sleep n think matte gold lamp with charging usb outlet attached ! Double whammy funtionial and pretty!

Priced 49.00$ online and in store still available

Bottom shelf 3rd from left to right .

Such the perfect completeness it added to my family room !

To see it styled and in action head to my iG account shanlblog for all the fun!

Dreams + passions

Okay y’all so Something to ask ourselves , is our dreams still the same as they were years back ? Or have we chosen new ones ? Well if they have changed or evolved a little that’s a good thing , see seasons of life come and go we grow we change we’re strengthen, we thrive with each passing season we closer to the plans and purpose Jesus has for us . The things were still passionate about are part of who God created us to be it’s part of our purpose .

So friends what’s the dream your still holding onto but haven’t stepped out and trusted Jesus to bring it reality ?!

What are you doing to nurture those passions? Remember action + faith go hand in hand

Without action faith is dead .

Get up and let Jesus take the wheel trust and do the things all the things for Him.

Will be chatting on the podcast on this post join the convo!!