New year new beginnings

Hi y’all 🙋🏻‍♀️
It’s been awhile
Okay so here’s the real raw 411 on me ,
who I am + what I’m about
I’m a daughter of the king first and Formost I’m a daughter ,a sister , a wifey , a mommy to 3 beautiful kiddos , a auntie and more

What I am not
Having it all together
Confident or qualified to speak and share Jesus

But what I am
All through Jesus !!
He calls me for His glory His plan
His purpose
I’m a servant saying yes and amen Lord
here i am ,
Am I nervous and anxious when sharing Jesus through writing and speaking posts and having conservations always
But I say yes and He leads the way He prepares me

Does this mean I’m perfect and won’t mess up ? Nope everyday I fail
But it’s getting back up and fighting the good fight even when some don’t get it or I’m laughed at and all the things even called the H word hypocrite , hey I’m not perfect remember
I’m not Jesus I’m simply a servant at Jesus co. a
Co- partner with Him
Co- creator
Co- speaker
Co- writer
So with this being said friends I invite y’all along the journey with me
Sharing Jesus His message
However that looks
I’m a vessel for Him
I’m the clay in the potters hands
When He calls i answer
Even in my mundane messy middle of my life
Jesus tells me
be bold and courageous
I pray to live out what I share, speak , write
In my home , in my marriage in friendships
In motherhood all the things
to rise up to the call of who I am created to be
Being the wife and mom God has created me to be starts with my yes to Jesus , it’s only in Him I can become her. Amen

Disclaimer : okay lol ,
you’ve been spoken to , I don’t claim to be perfect or know more than anyone I will mess up in my words and actions
But Jesus Christ will lead me to learn from my mistakes and the Holy Spirit will teach me to become the best version of me

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Website!! Made of clay

Hey I have some awesome news !! I’m so blessed and thankful for Jesus and His goodness and birthing beauty from suffering

I’m in total awe of Jesus and His love joy mercy and beauty … beyond thankful

Made of clay website is up and ready to bless y’all and worship our king for His beauty through the suffering

Thanks for supporting this ministry and each purchase serves a meal to those in need

God bless y’all always

Made of clay • sneak peek•

Hey There !!

I’m so excited to share the beauty of God what He turned from suffering into His beauty

All collections are hand made piece by piece

Praying it blesses you all and y’all can relate and mediate on Gods word and His truths.

And embrace His beauty die our suffering seasons.

God bless you all

$30 each
$27 each
$25 each
$22 each
$27 each

More to come here is just a few collections !!

My Instagram Shantel.Lazrovich follow for more insight on the collections , custom pieces are also welcome! Throw your designs my way !!

Anyone interested in ordering any , y’all can Venmo me

Venmo include collection name + address to ship

Message me on Instagram or email for orders more details regarding all pieces

Every pair sold will help feeing the hungry , every purchase will go toward buying a meal giftcard and will be passed out to those in need .

Meanwhile will be Working on site to order

Thank you all So so much and God bless y’all !!! Xo

Made of clay

So God has been up to something this past couple weeks teach me and cultivating my heart about prayer worship His word and being internal and intentional about Him and embracing the hard seasons head on and letting Jesus give me His beauty for my suffering . It’s the place He puts us alone to bring us to the alter and let go of what we’re holding on to , give it to Jesus a sacrifice while hearted. this physical act spiritually brings growth and a new level with Christ and produces a lifestyle of worship . God don’t give up on us when He is molding us creating in us His ways when we mess up He is their willing and ready to make us new creating a clean heart . He is the potter in control , we are made of clay in His hands , a vessel for Him . In this season as God was up to something all while , Made of clay was birthed based on Jeremiah 18:4 . I’m a vessel being used to share Gods message using the talents and creativity He has given me , I pray it blesses others as it has been blessing me creating with Jesus and sharing His message with youse , as we’re all made of clay in the hands of the Father ,the potter
Stay tuned for collections soon ✨
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Lifestyle online Vs offline

Our actions everyday prove who we are and how we are living
It’s not on zoom
Or Bible studies , and church
Heard this today and it’s so true
Eveyone has a online relationship with Jesus
Not a real lifestyle relationship …
Heart check time for us all!
How are you living offline ?
Treating people and friends ?
Doing things in the world offline while online acting different?
The real raw deep topics and conversations need to be had , it’s time we all get out of the shallow and go into the deep
That’s where the change truth and character is found .
The community the friendship
The road to where and who God is calling us

The way some of the younger generations treat friends and family is just heart breaking . Friendship needs to be valued and nourished together it’s not a one sided relationship , sadly those kinds are the not loyal friends . Having Peace with Jesus makes the loyal Cheering you on friends shine . Do settle , take a look around and see who is God bringing into your life shinning and who is starting to dim ! Some hard truths but needed for us all heart check time . It’s where we grow ? Where we are cultivated , our hearts become more like Jesus , we love more like Him , speak more like Him, we’re kind more like Him

We shine a bit brighter for Jesus when our lifestyle is the same online and offline .

It’s real it’s hard it’s deep and it’s worth it ! Keep living for Jesus online and offline


She prays•
When we pray we’re unlocking the power of God into our lives and those In our prayers .
It’s knowing Jesus more , having conversations that build a solid relationship everyday , even minute by minute .
As she prays our faith is activated we believe a little more and what we’re asking Jesus to do that only Jesus can do , and believing He will ! He is always faithful
Matthew 7:7 invites us to ask seek and Knock and the door Will be open
So today imagine your standing at a door and Jesus on the other side waiting for you to knock so He can invite you in , wow…… what a image
As He opens the door who do you see ? What are you gunna ask shim today ?
Ask seek and find ✨
Jesus is waiting for you today , to invite you in
Prayer accesses Jesus our faith releases His power
Keep seeking asking Jesus and you will find Him ❤️

Why talk to God ?

Have you ever thought of prayer as something to check off your list in order to be a good Christian? Or viewed it as too much pressure to say the right things in the right ways? Maybe you’ve had trouble believing in its power because you’ve been disappointed too many times. If you’ve ever felt any of these things, you’re not alone.

But that’s not how God intended us to view prayer. He created it as a way for Him to know us and for us to know Him. The purpose of prayer isn’t to look like we have it all together when we say, “I’ll pray for you.” And it’s not to be used as a business transaction or Amazon wish list. The purpose of prayer is to grow closer in relationship with God.

God wants us to see Him as the friend who is always ready and excited to listen. He’ll never tell you that you’re sharing too much. He’ll never be distracted or too tired to give you His full attention. And even when it’s been a long time between conversations, He’s always ready to pick back up where you left off without any hard feelings. 

Think about when you were little and your parents asked how your day was. They didn’t just want to hear it was fine. They wanted to know what excited you, what troubled you, and what you thought about it all. Even more so, God wants to hear it all. 

Jesus died for us to be able to talk to God like a friend. In the Old Testament, God’s people had to offer purifying sacrifices to be in His holy presence, but now we can talk to God one-on-one without all the pomp and circumstance. We should talk to Him with reverence and respect, but it’s ok to talk casually, like you would with a best friend. So, next time something happens that makes you feel sad, angry, overwhelmed, excited, or passionate, before you call a friend, pause and tell God first.

Practice- Set a timer for five minutes and share something about your day with God. It can be something good or bad. It can be in the middle of your day, on your drive home, or right before bed. You can think it, speak it, or write it down. Just make time to share something real with Him

Psalms 55:17

Jeremiah 29:12