Joshua Man of God

As I look at Joshua and learn more of this story , I see what a mighty man of God he was , so obedient , so humble to Gods guidance,

Joshua 5:14-15

Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshiped and said to him

“What does my Lord say to his servent?”

Then the commander of the Lords army said to joshua ” take your sandal off your foot for the place where you stand is holy” and Joshua did so

Can you see Joshuas humility and obedience to the Lord .?.

As seen in these verses  the importance to staying close to God at his alter daily , this is the only way to hear Gods plans for us ,

Staying at his alter keeps us humble and obedient to his will ,

See how Joshua fell to the ground a humble servent,

That’s where the break through comes from in that place were filled made whole know who we are in Christ ,

Following Jesus being obedient our spiritual ears and eyes will be open to who God has placed in our path , Gods spiritual leaders his army

To guide us lead us keep us on the right path for Gods will his glory

Remaing in a state of humility to hear a message from the Lord through his messenger , then being obedient.

Have you humbled yourself under Gods direction? How have you sought out Gods will for your life ?

I’m thankful for the freedom to come to Gods alter , to be made new be cleansed , to surrender to be his, to be humble and obtain guidance wisdom and bold in the lord!

Stay blessed Live Loved


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