Back to the beginning

OK let’s take it way back for a minute Adam and Eve in the garden we know the story in Genesis 3 when the fall happened and they were deceived Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and bring it to Adam and he ate is well.

Genesis 3:22 then the Lord God said look for human beings have become like us knowing both good and evil what if they reach out take fruit from the tree of life and eat it then they will live forever .

The footnotes in my Bible read like this explaining verse 22 mercifully God prevent humankind from eating of the tree of life and having to live forever in a fallen state through Jesus Christ however eternal life is once again made available read

revelations 2:7, 22:2, 14, 19

Then as we read on in verse 23 so the Lord God banish them from the garden of Eden and he sent Adam out to cultivate the ground from which she had been made

And 24 after sending them out the Lord God station and mighty cherub to the east of the garden of Eden and he placed a flaming sword that flashed back-and-forth to guard the way to the tree of life

My Bible footnotes explains it as this life in the garden of Eden was like living in heaven everything was perfect and if Adam and Eve had obeyed God they could have lived there forever but after disobeying Adam and eve no longer deserve paradise and God told them to leave if they had continue to live in the garden and eat from the tree of life they would have lived forever but eternal life in a state of sin with me forever trying to hide from God like Adam and eve all of us have send and are separated from fellowship with God we do not have to stay separated however God is preparing a new earth as an eternal paradise for his people through his son Jesus Christ .. see revelations 21-22

Wow can we just stop there for a second and imagine living in God’s holy presence in a perfect world doesn’t matter what we look like what we wear if were skinny if were heavy and always having the perfect connection with Jesus with nothing around to break us from that, I can only imagine that that just leaves me in a wow.

So we see here Adam and Eve broke their relationship with God

This is how

1. They were convinced their way was better than gods.

2. They became self conscience and hid.

3. They try to excuse and defend themselves .

to build a relationship with God we must reverse those steps

Here’s how

1. We must drop our excuses and self defenses.

2. We must stop trying to hide from God.

3. We must become convinced that God’s way is better than our way.

Not saying it’s going to be easy but if we stick with Jesus staying in his truth trusting him reading his word the more our spirit is filled the less our flesh will win the more our spirit will win and we won’t want to try and hide from God but will be in connection with him, not listening to our self leading us but listening to Jesus who leads us

Stay encouraged in Jesus , don’t loose hope run to him whn even we make mistakes , not from Him , confess our wrongs and grow follow Jesus He is the only truth the only way . And He paid the price for us on the cross now that’s love God has a plan even when we were sinners separated from Him , He gave us His son Jesus to save us .

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